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At Spencer Publications, Hope demands to know why Justin has Thomas’ phone. Justin covers that Thomas came by for a follow-up on the feature in Eye on Fashion and left his phone. He says Thomas told him he was heading out of town and would stop by to get it, but he didn’t arrive. Hope’s stunned — Thomas never told her he was going out of town. She can’t imagine him not giving her a heads-up. Justin tells her he has to get back to work and assures her where Liam’s concerned, he’s doing everything he can to make sure justice is served.
Hope grills Justin B&B

Justin and Hope debate as he points out that Liam and Bill confessed to a crime. He flashes to punching Thomas and asks her to please let him go back to work. Justin will hold onto Thomas’ phone and get it back to him. Hope shoots him a suspicious look as she turns to go. Once alone, Justin curses himself for forgetting about Thomas’ phone.
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In his cage, Thomas hollers, paces, and worries about Liam being in jail when he’s innocent. Thomas stews that he has to tell Hope the truth, and mutters about Vinny committing suicide.
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In jail, Liam rants in his cell as he puzzles over why Vinny was on the road that night — was it just a coincidence? Hope arrives to visit and they go over how important it is to get him out of there. Liam relays he still doesn’t ‘get’ Vinny showing up on that road that night. Hope explains she visited Justin to question him and urges Liam not to give up. He didn’t intentionally run Vinny down and didn’t want to cover it up — he’s not going down for this. Hope insists they’ll be back together.

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At the cliff house, Finn and Steffy are holding Hayes when Ridge comes in to meet his grandson. He marvels, “Oh, Steffy…” She beams. “I know.” Ridge tells the infant, “I’m the person you go to when your parents say no.” They joke until Steffy tells her dad they have a name — Hayes. Ridge declares, “That’s perfect.” Ridge learns the home birth was blissful and Finn vows he’ll spend the rest of his life taking care of Steffy and the kids. Steffy knows they’ll have the best life. Ridge is chuffed when Finn relays he may have to come to him for advice, and replies, “Any time.” He tells his daughter, “Well done, Steffy. Well done.”
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Talk turns to Eric’s vow renewal and Ridge updates Steffy that his dad wants Quinn out of his house and his life. She’ll call her granddad to check in on him. Ridge wants to focus on their miracle and asks if Thomas has been there. “Have you talked to him?” They’re surprised he hasn’t turned up since he was so excited about his new nephew. Steffy promises to let Ridge know if she hears from Thomas. Ridge can’t believe he would be too busy not to return her messages when she had the baby — something doesn’t add up.

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At Forrester Creations, Paris is relieved to have caught Zoe before she left for France. “There’s something you need to know. It’s important.” She knows she should have come to her sooner, but she was just so happy… Zoe asks, “What are you talking about?” Paris rambles that the secret is out and asks her sister not to hate her. “It’s about Carter’s affair.” She reveals that the jacket she saw on the floor of Carter’s bedroom wasn’t Shauna’s. “She lied… to protect her best friend, Quinn.” Zoe’s stunned and declares that it cannot be true. Paris tells her Brooke blew up the vow renewal by giving Carter and Quinn a chance to come clean and Carter took it. Zoe asks how Brooke knew. Paris admits she told her. Zoe reels — Paris knew this all along and didn’t tell her!
paris tells zoe about carter and quinn's affair bb

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Paris explains that Carter and Quinn begged her not to hurt Zoe over a mistake. Zoe asks how she found out. Paris overheard Quinn and Shauna talking. Zoe is distraught — Quinn was supposed to be helping her and now it turns out she was sleeping with him?! Paris protests that it doesn’t have to be the end of her and Carter. Zoe wonders if she’s suggesting she just forget about the fact he had sex with Quinn. Paris thinks they could just move on. Zoe marvels that she didn’t even know Carter was capable of doing such a thing to Eric. Paris counters that he’s deeply regretful… he loves her and he never stopped. Zoe can’t miss her flight. She can sort out her feelings overseas. Zoe and Paris express their love and embrace. Zoe then exits with a sad last look back at her sister.

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