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In the Forrester living room, Eric asks Quinn if Carter’s confession that they had an affair is true. She admits it is, and says she’s sorry. Quinn makes an emotional plea for how badly she wants their marriage. She’ll regret hurting him for the rest of her life and will never forgive herself.

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Eric turns on Carter and asks, “How could you do this?!” You’re like a trusted member of my family!” Ridge urges Carter to say it’s not true, but Carter admits it happened and claims he was pulled into it. Ridge is dubious. Shauna suggests they all leave Eric and Quinn alone. Brooke wonders if that’s what Eric wants. Eric lashes out at Quinn, who in turn blames Brooke and Paris. She pleads with Eric, “Please don’t let them do this to us!” Eric retorts that they’re not the ones who lied. Paris tells Eric she’s sorry as Quinn tries to explain how lonely and desperate she was — Carter was going through the exact same thing. Carter pipes up that he hates what he let himself do, and says he’s sorry. Eric demands to know if Wyatt and Flo knew. They didn’t, but Shauna confesses that she obviously did, as she took the blame. Wyatt shouts at his mother for dragging Shauna into her lies. Quinn appeals to Eric not to let this be the end for them.
Eric learns the truth from Quinn B&B

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At Forrester Creations, Katie and Hope discuss Liam and Bill being in jail. Hope asks if Katie’s seen Thomas lately — Douglas wants to see his father and she can’t get a hold of him. They swerve back to Bill and Liam. Hope complains about Bill’s actions being so reckless and so wrong. They argue. Katie concedes that mistakes were made; they just have to believe that Justin will come through for them. Hope plans to visit him in person to ensure he’s doing all he can to find the real explanation for Vinny’s death.
Katie, Hope office B&B

Liam joins Bill in a meeting room at the jail, where he fumes about how long it’s taking Justin to come through for them. “He’s got to deliver.”

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Justin pays Thomas a visit in the cage at Spencer Publications. The Forrester complains he’s going crazy — Justin has to let him out of there right now! They bicker about whether or not the truth comes out. Justin’s unconcerned with that, he’s focused on running Spencer Publications as he deserves. Thomas doesn’t care what happens to Bill, only Liam. Justin harps about not getting his due after all these years of hard work. He knows what he has to do, and he’s doing it. “It’s my time.” Thomas hollers at Justin not to go as he exits.
Thomas plead Justin B&B

Justin arrives at the jail and Bill hollers as he demands to know what his lawyer’s got for them and warns, “No more excuses, Justin. Got me?” He rants at length about Justin dragging his feet. Liam thinks the coincidence that he hit Vinny of all people is just too incredible. Bill demands to know if he’s spoken to Thomas, who could have information that could get them out of there. Justin remains silent. Bill slams his hand down on the table as he orders, “Talk to Thomas. Talk to Thomas now!”
Bill, Liam warn Justin B&B

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Still in the Forrester living room, Quinn asks Eric to be alone with her so they can talk. He rails that she will be the one going. Quinn knows she’s let him down, but she promises never to do it again. Eric spits, “Your promise means nothing to me.” He loved her and trusted her and won’t make that mistake again. He wants her out of the house, and out of the company. “Get out of this house.” Quinn turns and walks out. Eric sits down as everyone watches him with concern.

In the basement at Spencer Publications, Thomas shouts and shakes the cage as he mutters that the truth has to come out so Liam can be freed.

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In Bill’s office, Hope pays Justin a visit to find out if he’s doing everything he can. He takes a call and puts her off. Hope reads a text on her phone from Douglas, who wants to see his daddy. She calls Thomas and his cellphone starts going off in the desk drawer. Justin looks panicky as Hope demands, “What is Thomas’ phone doing here? What is going on?!”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Justin attempts to quell Hope’s suspicions.

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