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In the Forrester living room, Brooke stops the vows as a horrified Quinn, Carter and Eric gawp. Quinn asks what she’s still doing there and Eric protests that it’s not the right time, but Brooke bellows that she’s not going to let him spend one minute longer with this horrible woman. The guests look scandalized.
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At Forrester Creations, Donna remembers how good Eric looked on their wedding day and figures his vow renewal with Quinn is probably a done deed by now. Katie makes supportive noises; it can’t be easy for Donna given how much she cares about him. Donna wants him to be happy — if they’re in a good place than she’s pleased. Katie chides, “Come on. I’m your sister, you can say anything to me. I know how much you love Eric.” Donna also loves that he’s so forgiving and wouldn’t want him to change that, even for Quinn. Katie thinks Donna’s kindness is that drew Eric to her in the first place. Donna feels bad carrying on about Eric when Katie’s husband in jail. They decide to think of something happy. Donna thinks of good times with Eric — those times are precious. “Being married to Eric was incredible.” Katie hopes Quinn appreciates him as much as Donna does.
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Donna recalls Eric’s tenderness; the way he held her as though she was so precious to him. Katie assures, “You were.” Donna was never so in love. She flashes through memories of their romance. Donna sometimes worries she’ll never find another magical love like that again. She hopes Eric thinks of it that way too, but he’s married to Quinn and all the wishing in the world won’t change that. Katie complains about Quinn betraying Eric’s trust by going after Ridge and Brooke’s marriage, but Donna points out Eric forgave her. He’s rededicating himself to her and nothing will stop the ceremony from happening.
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Upstairs at the Forrester mansion, Paris paces the bedroom floor and decides to text Zoe to let her know she needs to talk to her before she leaves.

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In the living room, Eric shouts that if Brooke is going to act like this, she just needs to go. Quinn prompts Carter to continue where he left off, but Brooke interjects again. She cannot let Eric go through with this — Quinn is not the woman he thinks she is! Quinn complains about her being disruptive and hurting Eric. Brooke cares about his well-being. Quinn argues that he loves her and wants a life with her — Brooke needs to accept that; the ceremony is going to go on. Eric backs her up. Paris comes down the stairs as Brooke insists she doesn’t want to tell Eric this and cause him more pain. Eric barks, “What could you possibly have to tell me about Quinn?” Quinn decides that everyone should do. She’s sorry that Eric’s family can’t be more supportive. Ridge takes Brooke’s arm to leave, but she tells him no. “It’s over, Quinn.” She urges the brunette to tell Eric the truth. When she’s not forthcoming, Brooke wonders if Carter has anything to say.
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Wyatt protests and Brooke tells Carter he’s a good man, but he got caught up. Paris tells Carter and Quinn that she figured it out. Carter begins to speak but Quinn cuts him off. Brooke bellows, “Let him talk.” Eric questions his COO, who confirms he’s involved in this. Carter announces he shouldn’t have agreed to do this; it was a mistake. Eric’s mystified. Carter says Quinn loves Eric and wanted their relationship to go on — he felt the same way about Zoe and that’s how it happened. He describes how they turned to each other; it was not something they planned. “I know it’s the last thing you ever expected to hear from me, and Eric, I am so sorry.” Eric muses, “Sorry about what Carter?” Carter reveals that he lied — he wasn’t involved with Shauna. “Quinn, you tell him.” Quinn remains silent, so Carter states, “It was Quinn. I had an affair with Quinn.” She hangs her head as Eric asks if it’s true. “Answer me, Quinn. Answer me.”
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