steffy gives birth to finn's baby bb
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At the cliff house, Finn holds Steffy as she pushes and the midwife says, “Let’s meet your son.” They kiss and Finn assures Steffy she’s almost there. She worries they haven’t chosen a name. The midwife thinks maybe they’ll want to see the baby before deciding. Steffy’s sidetracked by another contraction.
finn helps steffy labor bb

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At the Forrester Estate, Eric can’t wait to tell Quinn how much he loves her in front of everyone. Talk turns to what’s taking so long. Ridge worries that Brooke is up there, but Flo assures that Paris is with them — they’re probably making friendship bracelets by now.
eric and the family waits for quinn bb

Upstairs, Brooke presses her ear to the door as Paris tells Quinn it was just the other day she was on her knees saying she held her life in her hands and now she’s threatening her. Quinn snaps that Paris is the one threatening her, and her marriage, on the day she’s supposed to be renewing her vows. She warns, “You’re not going to tell anyone what you know.” Quinn suggests Paris leave — she’ll tell everyone she’s having stomach problems. As Quinn exits, Brooke hurries into the room and informs Paris she’s going to tell her what she’s hiding — for Eric’s sake.

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At Forrester, Donna lets Katie know she’s there for her given what’s going on with Bill. Katie says that goes both ways. She knows something is bothering her sister, and she knows what it is — Eric and Quinn. Donna knows it’s been years since they were married, but she can’t help it… they were some of the happiest days of her life. Donna laughs at herself being so silly and nostalgic. Katie reassures her it’s only natural she’d thing about those memories today. Donna sighs over her time with her “Honey Bear.” Katie teases that she better not let Quinn hear her call Eric that. Donna’s always professional around the office. She doesn’t want Quinn thinking she’s after her man… but she’s open to the possibilities if he weren’t married. She tears up saying if Eric wants the vow renewal, then she wants it.
katie and donna talk about eric bb

Quinn joins Eric and their guests in the Forrester living room, apologizes for taking so long and they take their places at the altar. Carter asks, “What about Paris and Brooke.” Quinn relays that they decided not to attend. Ridge questions her, and she contends if Brooke can’t be supportive it’s for the best.

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Upstairs, Brooke stops Paris from leaving and works to convince her that Eric is about to be deceived and deserves to know. Paris sighs. She’s right — Eric does deserve to know and so does her sister. Brooke’s confused — Zoe already knows about Carter and Shauna. Paris informs Brooke that everyone knows a lie. What they believe isn’t how it went down at all. She wanted to come forward before… Brooke deduces that Quinn wouldn’t let her. Without Paris saying a word, the blonde realizes that Carter didn’t turn to Shauna — he turned to Quinn. Quinn! Who is downstairs right now ready to profess her love to Eric! Paris nods.
paris talks to brooke about quinn and carter affair bb

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In the living room, Carter begins the vow renewal ceremony talking about mistakes and challenges. He tells Eric and Quinn they are thankful to be part of their recommitment to moving forward. He and Quinn share a look. Carter continues on about love pushing through hardships. Eric and Quinn clasp hands as Carter prompts them to say their vows. Suddenly, Brooke appears and hollers, “Stop!” She informs Eric he needs to hear what she has to say before he recommits himself to Quinn.
brooke stops eric and quinn's vow renewal bb

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In Malibu, Steffy agonizes through the final push and before they know it, she and Finn are holding their newborn baby boy. They marvel at the adorable little guy in Steffy’s arms and share another kiss. Finn kisses his son and tells Steffy, “You have no idea what you’ve given me. Thank you.” Steffy is in awe over their beautiful baby boy. They decide to call him Hayes. Steffy tells the newborn his grandmothers would be so excited to see him and that his mommy and daddy will always protect and love him. Finn kisses her again. “You did great.”
finn and steffy hold newborn son bb

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Eric attempts to diffuse a tense situation between Brooke and Quinn.

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