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At the cliff house, Finn stammers, “Our little boy’s coming,” after Steffy’s water breaks. Finn calls the midwife to come and Steffy assures him she still wants a home birth. Between him and the midwife she knows she’s in good hands. As Steffy balances on a ball, Finn sees to her every need. The midwife arrives and gets confirmation they’re still planning a water birth and waxes on about the birthing experience. Finn watches as Steffy rocks on a ball and breathes through another contraction. He’s in awe of her. As the pool is readied, Steffy feels this pregnancy is progressing faster than her first. She and Finn slow dance and sway together and soon it’s time for her to get in the water. Finn kisses her head.
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In the Forrester office, Ridge excitedly fills Brooke in on Steffy having contractions. Talk turns to Eric’s vow renewal. Neither of them are keen on it. Ridge has to go show his support for his dad, especially since they didn’t go to the actual wedding. Brooke snarks about watching Quinn perform CPR on her marriage.
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In the design office, Carter wishes Zoe a good flight by phone and disconnects as Paris enters. She informs him she doesn’t think she wants to go to the vow renewal given that she knows he cheated with Eric’s wife. Carter insists today marks a new day for all of them — especially Eric and Quinn.
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At the Forrester manse, Shauna wonders if Quinn can go through with this ceremony considering she had an affair. Quinn is going to recommit to her husband and won’t let anyone… or anything get in the way.
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Downstairs, Eric talks to Flo and Wyatt about Bill and Liam’s troubles, but Wyatt deflects. He tells Eric he’s the only man in the world for his mom. Brooke and Ridge arrive, followed by Carter and Paris, who explains both Zende and Zoe have assignments out of town. Carter is momentarily stunned by a reference to his “little tryst” until he realizes Wyatt and Eric are warning him that Shauna’s upstairs.

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Brooke enters the bedroom upstairs in time to hear Shauna tell Quinn she hopes Paris keeps her mouth shut. Shauna exits, and Quinn wonders if Brooke changed her mind and decided to honor her marriage to Eric. Brooke’s there to support the men in her life and warns she’ll always protect them from people like Quinn.

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Shauna chats with Wyatt and Flo in the living room, and nearby, Paris tells Carter she’s going to check on Quinn. Ridge joins Carter and talks to him as he looks distractedly up the stairs. Ridge assumes he’s unsettled because he doesn’t think Quinn is right for his dad.
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Upstairs, Paris listens to Quinn and Brooke verbally sparring. Quinn tells her it’s time to leave. Brooke argues but eventually goes to pray for Eric — he’s going to need it. After Brooke’s gone, Paris joins Quinn, who exclaims, “I told you not to come.” Paris still isn’t sure she can be there considering her affair with Carter.
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In the living room, Shauna, Eric and Wyatt wonder what’s keeping Quinn and where Brooke has gotten to.

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In the bedroom, Quinn warns Paris not to get sanctimonious on her — she doesn’t know anything about what she’s been through in her marriage. Life is messy; people make mistakes but they learn and grow. Brooke reappears and listens on the other side of the door as Quinn vows to ruin Paris’ life if she says a word to anyone.

At Steffy’s place, Finn, also in the pool, holds Steffy as she agonizes through a contraction. She’s tired so the midwife urges her to rest before announcing that she’s fully dilated and ready to start pushing. Finn holds his fiancee as she groans and bears down…
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Brooke interrupts Eric and Quinn.

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