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At home, Steffy wraps her arms around Finn’s neck and they canoodle. She feels a twinge and he jumps up; “Is it happening?” Steffy thinks it was just a flutter. Ridge arrives to tell them Quinn and Eric are renewing their vows later today. Finn gathers that Ridge isn’t a supporter. Ridge isn’t sure it was necessary. Steffy muses about Quinn getting a bee in her bonnet and refusing to be denied. They all chuckle about her grandmother, Stephanie, jumping out. Ridge wishes she’d jump out and stop this ceremony. They get into a discussion about Quinn. Ridge ruminates about her trying to ruin his marriage to Brooke and Steffy agrees; she’s not a fan and has no desire to attend the ceremony. She grimaces and announces it’s not an option anyway — the baby is coming soon. Ridge gawps, “My grandson is coming now?” He asks if they have a name for the child yet and suggests Bubba Finnegan. And then Diesel Finnegan. Steffy and Finn laugh and she tells her dad to stop. Ridge turns serious — he’s one lucky kid to have them as parents. He expresses pride in his daughter and tells her she deserves this.

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Brooke arrives in Eric’s living room and muses, “I underestimated her, Eric.” She was sure Quinn would have done something to get herself banished from there by now. Brooke questions if he’s reconsidering the vow renewal. Brooke runs down Quinn’s worst attributes. Eric focuses on how he and his wife have come through everything and relays that he has every intention of going through with the ceremony. He loves Quinn and has total faith in her.
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Quinn flies into the design office to complain to Carter about agreeing to officiate the vow renewal ceremony — how awkward is this going to be? Paris hears them and comes in. She asks Quinn if she’s really going to renew her vows to Eric knowing she cheated on him with Carter. Quinn rants that she’s trying to move forward and focus on her future. Paris sneers at Carter for planning to be the officiant and Quinn informs her she needs to keep her opinions to herself. She tells Paris to ask herself if Zoe would rather marry Carter, or know about a mistake that she never would have known had her sister not told her. Quinn warns if Paris can’t commit to keeping quiet she shouldn’t come to her house today.
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After Quinn’s gone, Paris grills Carter. She doesn’t ‘get’ the two of them — they’re so different and he doesn’t seem like a ‘just sex’ kind of guy. Eric trusts him implicitly. Carter feels guilty and wishes he’d shown more character. Paris asks him to be straight with her. “How do you really feel about Zoe?” Carter’s surprised she’s still questioning his feelings for Zoe and reminds her they were broken up when he was with Quinn. Paris complains that she was just so invested in their love. Carter asks her not to tell his secret. Paris is still unconvinced. Once alone, she looks at a framed photo of Quinn, shakes her head, and agonizes.
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Quinn arrives home, and from the top of the stairs, listens to Brooke tell Eric that Quinn may have done terrible things they don’t even know about. She’s saying this because she loves him. Eric replies that he loves Quinn and has never doubted her commitment to him. Quinn flashes to sex with Carter. Meanwhile, Eric asks Brooke not to come to the ceremony if she can’t support him in this.
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After Eric walks out, Quinn confronts Brooke, and agrees that she shouldn’t set foot in her house ever again after disrespecting her marriage. Brooke vows that one day, Eric will realize he made a terrible mistake by marrying her. Quinn shrugs; she can go ahead and think that. Brooke questions the need for a vow renewal and doesn’t trust her — she’s a manipulator and a schemer and didn’t change when she married Eric. If she loved him, she’d let him go. Quinn doesn’t care what she thinks of her because Eric loves her. The portrait above the fireplace is her… it’s not Stephanie, it’s not Brooke. Today they will renew their commitment and there’s not a damn thing Brooke can do about it.

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At the cliffhouse, Steffy updates Amelia by phone that she’s having contractions but they’re not calling the midwife yet. She thanks her for keeping Kelly. After disconnecting, she tells Finn he’s going to be the best dad. He can’t believe they’re going to meet their son. They express their love and kiss. Steffy gets a more intense contraction and informs Finn her water just broke… it’s happening. “Our baby boy is coming!”

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