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At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge talk business and how Liam being in jail is hard on Steffy and Hope. Steffy appears and admits she talked to Hope. It’s hard on them both but they are united in this. “I’m just really worried about Liam,” Steffy says. They reflect on why Liam stayed silent and how the guilt came crashing down on him. Bottom-line, Liam’s worried about his girls. Ridge warns they have to be realistic, the guy’s in trouble. Talk turns to Bill, and Ridge hopes he rots in jail. Brooke knows what Bill did was wrong, but Ridge takes offense — this isn’t about a parking ticket! — and brings up how he threw him out of a chopper! Steffy warns Ridge that Liam, as well as all of them, are being punished for Bill’s stupidity, that needs to be their real concern.

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Trapped in a cage in a basement storage area at Spencer, Thomas assures Justin that whatever he’s doing this for, he doesn’t care — just let him out! He needs to go to Hope, and Justin needs to go to the judge. Does he want Bill and Liam in jail forever, along with him locked in a cage? “You don’t know anything,” Justin seethes. Thomas thinks differently, he knows Vinny’s death was self-inflicted yet Justin wants to keep him trapped so no one finds out. Justin won’t discuss his clients’ case but confirms that Liam and Bill “will be locked up for a very, very long time.” Again, Thomas talks about how Vinny’s death wasn’t Liam’s fault then starts screaming for someone at Spencer to help him. Justin hollers, “Nobody can hear you!” and finally admits that Thomas wasn’t part of the plan, but he was going to ruin things. “This is all about Dollar Bill,” Justin confesses.

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Thomas can’t stand Bill either but is trying to help him, unlike Justin — Bill’s friend. Justin admits they started out that way but over the years Bill just took advantage. Bill never respected him and degraded him and “I allowed it!” Justin screams. He doesn’t know what he’ll do with Thomas but for now, he’s staying put. Justin has one thing on his mind — to make Bill pay! Thomas tries to reason with Justin, for Liam’s sake, and begs him to set Liam free. He pleads with Justin to think about Hope, Steffy and the girls — not Bill. Justin can’t stop thinking of how Bill did him wrong. Now he’ll be in charge of Spencer. Justin won’t allow the company that he helped to build to be turned over to Bill’s sons. Thomas gets it, Justin wants to stick it to Bill, a total maniac, but now he’s acting just like him. “Think about how many lives are going to be ruined from this,” Thomas says. “We can fix this, we’ll pretend this never happened. I’ve made a ton of mistakes…” No matter how much Thomas screams for his attention, Justin continues to emotionally spiral.

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Liam and Bill meet up in the prison yard. Bill’s pissed that Justin hasn’t gotten them out yet and warns Liam they can’t do anything to jeopardize their release. “We’re going home,” Bill vows and reminds Liam, “Justin’s never let me down. He will get us released.” Liam wishes there was a shred of evidence out there — there has to be someone who knows more about Vinny’s death! Liam wants to be there when Justin visits next, he wants updates. Bill rants at his son and swears he has things under control. They watch the other prisoners and continue discussing how Justin will pull through for them.

liam and bill talk future release from jail bb

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Thomas learns Justin’s plan, which horrifies the Forrester.

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