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In the cabin, Hope sniffs Liam’s jacket. Steffy arrives and wants to talk about what Liam and Bill did. Hope asks how she is, and how the baby is. Steffy admits the little one is getting impatient to come into the world. Talk turns to how shocking it was to see Liam in jail. Hope blames Bill for orchestrating the cover up. Steffy thinks it’s ironic that Vinny, the guy who changed the paternity results, was run over by Liam of all people.

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They commiserate about having to tell the kids their father is in prison. Hope’s holding out hope and Steffy agrees they need to come together as a family. Hope insists that Liam would have done the right thing that night, but Bill turned it into a crime scene. Steffy figures everyone knows Liam wouldn’t kill anyone. She feels they have one thing in their favor — the truth. Hope thanks her for her support and admits there are days she wants to scream or curl up in a ball and give up. She can’t do that, though, the D.A. needs to realize what happened was an accident. “There has to be a way to prove Liam’s innocence.”
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In the jail, the guard brings Bill into the visitor’s area. He wonders who’s there. Katie appears. They sit and pick up the phones. Bill says, “You came.” It’s good to see her. Katie wishes she could say the same. Bill would have understood if she didn’t come, but he’s grateful to see her beautiful blue eyes. She asks how he’s holding up, but Bill only wants to know about Will. Katie sighs — he’s hurt and confused. The news is everywhere; she had to tell him. It’s been hard for both of them. “How could you allow this to happen?” Bill explains he had to protect Liam, get rid of the evidence, and get him out of there. Katie rails that he didn’t have to handle it that way — now Will may not only lose his father but his brother as well.

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Katie recovers and apologizes; she just hates seeing him in prison scrubs. Bill jokes about posing for Eye on Fashion and Katie shakes her head. She gets choked up talking about how she’s coping with Will and then asks about his case. Bill explains Justin is spear-heading that. Katie curses the stupid decision he made that night, but Bill insists he had to protect his son. Katie reminds him he has other sons. She wishes he’d stopped to think about her and them for one minute. Bill still wouldn’t have done anything differently. He had to protect Liam — just as he would have done for Wyatt, Will, or her. Katie exhales, “I know that.” In that moment, Bill did what he had to do; that’s how he’s made. Katie just wishes sometimes when he’s in that moment he wouldn’t be so reckless with his family. He’s sorry for putting Will through this and vows to make it right. Katie’s skeptical. Bill has total faith in Justin, who has never let him down and won’t now.
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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Thomas watches Vinny’s phone video and is horrified. He realizes Vinny wanted Liam to hit him and it was suicide. He agonizes, in shock, and replays the video. His finger hovers over the delete button, but he decides the truth has to come out. He’s about to head out the door, when Justin enters looking for information on his drug-dealing pal. “I’m trying to get my clients out of jail.” Thomas counters, “They’ll be out a lot sooner than you think.” Justin’s puzzled.
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Thomas reveals that the ‘accident’ was actually deliberate. Justin can’t understand what he’s getting at. Thomas reveals that Vinny committed suicide. “He framed Liam for murder.” Justin is in disbelief. Thomas explains Vinny wanted Liam out of the picture so he could have Hope, but he would never want that. He adds that Liam is the victim here. Justin asks how he knows. Thomas tells him about the blocked text messages and video coming through, and what was said in the clip. Justin muses, “And all that evidence is on your phone?” Thomas confirms it — he has to tell Baker, Steffy, and Hope because it frees Liam and Bill. Justin replies, “Hey Thomas.” Thomas asks, “Yeah?” Justin plows him with his fist and knocks him out cold.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas appeals to Justin’s sense of decency.

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