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At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Ridge debate Liam’s chances for the future. Ridge thinks the odds are against him in court, but Brooke argues it was an accident — she can’t understand him pushing Thomas toward Hope. She fears his obsessive feelings for Hope will come out again and exclaims, “We can’t let that happen!” Ridge doesn’t want to fight about it. Brooke sighs and explains it’s a slippery slope. She worries what will happen if Liam is in jail for a while and then gets out… to his family, not Thomas’. Brooke thinks Hope has enough help. Ridge agrees that the whole family will pitch in, including — like it or not — Thomas. Brooke becomes agitated all over again thinking that Thomas’ obsession will resurface. Ridge feels Thomas needs to honor Liam’s request and poses a question to Brooke. What if Liam never gets out? What does she want for Hope? He’s not saying it’s Thomas, but he is someone who knows her and the kids.

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In the cabin, Hope recalls her mother’s words of warning about letting Thomas get too close and pulls out of his embrace. As she leaves, Hope assures him she’ll be fine. She can’t give up on Liam coming home to her and the kids — he has to.

In Forrester’s design office, Thomas is frustrated that his phone’s freezing up. Zende gives him some tips and remarks on him not responding to his texts. Thomas didn’t get them. Talk turns to Liam. Zende heard he may be locked up for a long time. Thomas nods. “A very long time.” Zende offers to take a look at Thomas’ phone as they get into a discussion about Liam killing Vinny. Thomas figures Hope’s husband is going to do time behind bars.

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At the jail, Baker warns Justin, Liam and Hope to wrap up their meeting soon. He exits, and Hope implores Justin to do whatever he can to get her husband out of there. Justin will be back soon; he has a lot to go over before the trial.
Once alone, Liam informs Hope that he can see it in Justin’s eyes — he doesn’t think he stands a chance. He insists they come to terms with the reality of the situation. “I could be in here for a very long time.” Hope protests, but Liam says it’s time — Beth and Douglas need to hear, from her, that he may not be coming home.
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Hope wonders if he understands what he’s asking of her. He does. Liam hates that he’s doing this to her, but she has to stop worrying about him and start taking care of herself. Hope isn’t prepared to give up on them. She won’t let him give up either. “Not ever.” They flash to good memories before Baker returns. Hope informs the deputy chief that it was an accident and Liam doesn’t deserve to be there. He should let him go! Baker reminds her Liam confessed and it’s involuntary manslaughter at the very least.
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In the design office, Thomas looks at a photo of Hope on a magazine cover as a beep sounds from across the room. Zende has fixed Thomas’ phone. He hands it back to him, chuckles that he might want to read up on what’s been going on, and exits. Thomas checks all the texts that have come in. He sees one from Zende, and then realizes there are unseen messages from Vinny, who he had blocked.

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Thomas chokes up reading his friend’s apologies. And then there is a video from Vinny with a timestamp right before he was hit by Liam. In it, Vinny says he’s leaving but before he does, he wants Thomas to know that he deserves the best and he’s going to have it; and that’s Hope. “You are going to be with her, not Liam!” He’s tracking him right now… he will be there soon. Vinny is doing this for him, so Thomas and Hope can have the family they deserve. Thomas gasps in horror as the video ends with Vinny getting hit by Bill’s car, and Liam and his father’s voices are heard panicking. Thomas replays it and listens as Vinny assures him he won’t have to worry about Liam ever again, and then is struck by the car. Thomas exhales tearfully, “My God. Suicide.”

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