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At the cottage, Brooke asks if Hope got any sleep. Hope admits she’s worried, but more about the kids than herself. Thomas, she adds, has been a big help where the kids are concerned… which of course, raises red flags for Brooke. Sure, Liam asked Thomas to be there for Hope but is having Thomas around really the best idea, she asks? “I just don’t want Thomas to misread the situation,” Brooke says. Unable to see the forest for the trees, Hope says she has to focus on Liam and getting him out of jail. “I know that things look bleak and it’s hard to keep the faith,” cheerleads Brooke, “but you have to. You and Liam have gone through things similar,” she says… apparently comparing Liam’s waffling ways to him plowing down a human being. (Accidentally, of course!) Hope rants about Bill and how he’s responsible for what’s happening, but reels herself back in to say that what’s important is her love for Liam and the fact that it’s stronger than anything.

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Meanwhile, at Forrester Creations, Ridge notes that Thomas seems distracted. He’s been working on the same sketch for a while with no progress. Thomas promises he’ll get it done, adding that he’s got a lot on his mind, what with his best friend being dead and Liam behind bars for having run him down. “I guess I’d be distracted too if someone asked me to look after their family,” muses Ridge. (Who, it’s worth noting, hasn’t so much as mentioned R.J in ages.) Thomas says he has to go pick up Douglas to take him to stay with a friend. (Why, exactly, Douglas isn’t staying with his father or maybe moving into the mansion during all this is a question we don’t actually address… ) Ridge thinks Thomas is doing an awesome job as a parent. When Thomas insists that he’s Hope’s support system, Ridge tries pointing out that his son isn’t her only support system. “I hope you understand that you’re not taking Liam’s place,” warns Ridge.

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Elsewhere at Forrester, Paris can’t stop thinking about the big secret she’s keeping from her sister. Zoe enters in excited-wedding-planning mode, admitting she doesn’t much care what the ceremony looks like, she just wants to marry Carter! (The Forrester living room it is!) “I’m the woman that he wants,” declares Zoe, oblivious to her sibling’s facial expressions. Eventually she puts aside talk of her own plans to ask about Zende and Paris, pondering how things are going between them. Zoe apologizes for having flirted with the designer and hurt her sister, saying moving forward she wants them to have an open and honest relationship. (Careful what you wish for, girl!)

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Just down the hall, Quinn is lost in daydreams of a shirtless Carter when he enters — fully dressed, it’s worth noting. Carter can tell by the look on Quinn’s face exactly what she was thinking about. Not exactly denying the accusation, Quinn says they need to erase those (steamy) memories from their minds so that they can move on with their lives with their respective partners. Carter and Quinn go over recent events, including that Shauna stepped forward to claim she was the one sleeping with the COO. “Despite our best efforts, the truth could still come out,” he insists. To her horror, Carter suggests that what they really need to do is come clean with both Zoe and Eric.

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At the very thought of telling the truth, Quinn begins to panic, practically hyperventilating, causing Carter to pull her in for a comforting hug… which is, of course, exactly when Eric strolls in! “What’s going on?” he asks. “I got a little emotional,” admits Quinn, claiming to have been talking to the exec about how much her marriage means (Yeah, that’s the ticket!) and how glad she is that Eric let her back into his heart. “Thank you for listening,” she says to Carter. “I hope I didn’t embarrass myself or you.” Before excusing himself, Carter says that he wishes Quinn and Eric “many years of happiness together.”

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Quinn pulls Eric into a hug and tells him she loves him with all her heart and wants nothing more than to be Mrs. Eric Forrester for the rest of her life. Not far away, Carter joins Paris and Zoe, saying it’s a good thing they believe in second chances.

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Brooke arrives at the office and makes up for her tardiness by smooching with her husband. She admits that Hope is struggling, and Ridge reminds her that Liam’s wife has everyone supporting her, including Thomas. “As a mother who watched her daughter go through so much pain because of Thomas, I’m always going to be wary of his feelings for her,” admits Brooke. She knows Ridge doesn’t want to hear it, but… well, tough noogies. “Especially if there’s still a chance that the old Thomas could still resurface.” She worries that “it’s dangerous for Thomas to contemplate the fact that maybe he could have a future with Hope given his past obsession with her.” Ridge begs his wife to recognize that this was Liam’s idea, but Brooke fears Thomas won’t be able to see where the lines are drawn.

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Speaking of Thomas, he pops over to the cottage to ask Hope if he can sweep the front porch or mop. “Do you even know how to mop?” she quips, and it seems like a totally legit question. (Also, these people are rich… maybe instead of Thomas learning how to mop they could hire a maid service?) Hope begins to spiral, admitting that she’s struggling with Liam’s absence in her life and that of the kids. “You don’t have to be strong for everyone else in your life,” says Thomas, adding that he’s there, no matter what she needs. “You have me. You’ll always have me. Hope, never forget that. Never,” he says, pulling her in for the hug we all knew was coming…

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