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At the jail, Hope and Liam go over how he will never lose her and they can never give up. Liam warns they have to prepare for the very real possibility he’s never coming home. Hope refuses to believe that. They can’t leave any room for doubt; there’s too much to lose. She insists the truth will still prevail; he’s not a murderer and they’ll convince the judge and jury he doesn’t deserve to be there. Turning himself in when he had every reason not to, took strength and character. Hope is proud of him and assures him they’ll get through this together. They touch hands through the glass. Liam is told their time is up and they mouth, “I love you” as he’s led away.
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In another jail visiting area, Bill meets with Justin and Wyatt. He urges them to stay focused — the only way they’re getting out is if no one cracks under pressure. Wyatt is still trying to understand; “How the hell could you and Liam end up in jail?!” Bill argues the worst mistake in all of this was Liam telling Hope. Wyatt throws up his hands in exasperation. Bill assures him as long as he has a breath in his body, he’ll do whatever it takes to get himself and Liam out of there. He’s not going to debate with Wyatt about his opinion, his feelings don’t really matter.

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Bill turns to Justin and complains about him not getting them out of there. Justin reminds him they both confessed to fleeing the scene; that’s the reason the police believe he had motive. Bill fumes that Justin stating the obvious isn’t helping and demands he do some legal gymnastics to get them out — that’s what he pays him to do! Bill berates Justin for sitting on his hands, and Justin counters that if he hadn’t kept him in the dark from the beginning he might have been able to help. Bill reminds Wyatt he needs to look out for the company and Justin interjects that he’s had it well in hand since Bill’s been gone. Bill snaps that he’s the legal team! Justin’s been working on it. Bill snarls, “Work harder, dammit!”

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Dollar Bill stands, pushes his chair angrily backward, and fumes to Wyatt that he knew the police would see Liam as guilty — why couldn’t he just have left it alone. Wyatt says he couldn’t have lived with it. Bill figures there’s fear going through Liam’s mind — that’s what’s going through his. Justin will do what he can. Bill hopes Wyatt never has to go through something like this and becomes emotional agreeing that Liam is too good a person… because of that now he’s alone and could spend the rest of his life in prison.
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In his cell, Liam looks at photos of his family and runs through happier times in his mind.

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At Forrester Creations, Thomas tells Ridge he’s still trying to process Liam asking him to look out for his family. He thinks it’s pretty crazy, but Ridge disagrees — Thomas has worked hard to become the person he is today. Brooke enters and wants to know what they’re talking about. Ridge relays that Liam asked Thomas a favor and warns, “You may want to sit down for this one.” Brooke figures Thomas went to see Liam to confront him and fumes that it’s the last thing they need — it was an accident. Thomas needed to hear it from Liam. Brooke is sorry about Thomas’ friend, but they need to focus on Hope and Liam right now. Thomas agrees. Ridge interjects that the only villain is Brooke’s buddy, Bill.
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Brooke wants to know what Thomas and Ridge were talking about when she came in. Thomas explains that Steffy and Kelly have Finn, but Hope, Beth, and Douglas are alone. Liam asked him to be there for her and the children. When Brooke bristles, Thomas insists he has no intention of taking advantage of the situation; he wants what’s best for them.

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Hope joins her mother, Thomas and Ridge in the office. Brooke relays that Thomas just told them that Liam asked him to look out for her. They all know Thomas cares about them, but she mustn’t forget about her future with Liam. Ridge warns of the reality of the situation but Brooke stops him. Thomas says Liam’s not giving up. Hope prays he’ll get out of there.

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