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In the cabin, Thomas assures Hope that he’ll look after her, Beth and Douglas as Liam asked. Hope wails that none of this should be happening — Vinny should be alive and Liam should be home with her and the kids. “I can’t lose my husband.” Hope doesn’t want the kids to see how scared she is, and worries that Liam might actually be convicted. She frets about how to tell the children, or Douglas finding out at school. Hope can only make excuses for so long. Thomas knows he’s not Liam and can’t take his place, but assures her she doesn’t have to do this alone. “I’m here for you.”
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At the jail, Liam learns he has a visitor and turns to see Steffy. They sit and pick up the phones. She gasps, “My God, Liam, look at you.” Liam didn’t want her to see him like this. She marvels that this doesn’t seem real and asks, “How could this happen?” Liam assures her it was an accident. He promised to always be there for Kelly and intends to keep that promise. He has to get out of there; the idea of not seeing Kelly grow up is making him sick. Steffy learns it doesn’t look good for Liam and wants to get him another lawyer. Liam protests; she can’t take this on right now.
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Steffy knows Liam didn’t try to hurt Vinny and she heard that he actually passed out. She thinks Bill’s cover up was the stupidest thing he could have done. She tears up, “And now Kelly’s paying for it.” Liam’s really, really sorry. He tells Steffy she can’t blame all of it on his dad. Talk turns to Hope and Liam reveals she came with him when he confessed. Steffy vows they’ll all be there for each other. Liam admits he asked Thomas to help out Hope and the kids. Steffy questions that, given the way he feels about him. Suddenly, their time is up. As Steffy is ushered out, Liam agonizes and gets teary.

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At Forrester Creations, Finn and Ridge enthuse about the baby coming soon. Finn’s looking for Steffy to see how her visit went. Ridge learns she was going to check on Liam in jail and shakes his head. He understands why she went to see him and rants about Liam being behind bars because of Bill. Finn feels Liam also played a role and assures Ridge that he’ll look after Kelly like his own. Ridge thinks Steffy and Kelly are lucky to have him in their lives. He asks if Finn’s ready for the baby and urges him to feel the excitement of the imminent arrival. Finn thinks about becoming a father to his son a lot. Ridge warns he’ll screw up; they all do, and advises him to be present.
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Steffy arrives at Forrester and Finn gives her some water as she’s clearly shaken up from her visit with Liam. Ridge chews about Bill saving his own neck and Steffy frets about what’s going to happen to the family. Finn assures her they’ll make sure Kelly is happy and safe. Thomas enters and they discuss the favor Liam asked of him. Steffy thinks it shows how much he loves Hope. “He’s determined to get back to her.”

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At the jail, Hope visits Liam. They are thrilled to see each other. Hope admits the kids are a little confused as they still don’t know where he is. Liam worries he’ll never get to be with them again, and Hope insists he not give up. They have to convince the police that he didn’t mean to kill Vinny. Liam explains Justin’s working on it, and he’s not giving up, but he has to be realistic. They discuss him asking Thomas to help her out. Liam wants her to have support. Hope wants to tell the police that Bill convinced him to keep quiet so he can come home soon. Liam laments that they had just got back on track and pounds on the table. He just wants to be home with the kids, so she’s right — he has to find a way out of there. Nothing should ever keep them apart!

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