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Ridge visits Hope in the cabin to check in on how she’s doing. Thomas arrives and reports that he just came from seeing Liam. Hope protests that it was not intentional… he didn’t mean to kill Vinny. Thomas knows it wasn’t malicious — Liam doesn’t have it in him. Ridge agrees that Bill was the one who made it a crime. He leaves, and Hope thanks Thomas for being so understanding; she’s glad things went better than expected with Liam.

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Thomas confides that he actually asked him for a favor — she’s not going to believe what it is. Hope asks what they talked about. “What did Liam say?” Thomas relays that he’s worried about her and the kids — he may be gone for many years, that’s why he turned to him. He knows Hope is strong, but Liam asked him to look after her and the children. Hope gapes, “What?” She’s upset because Liam needs to remain positive. Thomas explains he’s preparing for the worst and knows how much Thomas cares about them. “You can count on me. I’ll always be there for you.”
thomas tells hope what liam asked him bb

At the jail, Liam thanks Wyatt for coming to see him. He urges his brother not to give up; he just has to give Justin time to work his magic. Liam recaps that he is the one who killed Vinny. Wyatt is sorry and can’t believe he’s in this situation. Liam asks Wyatt to please tell him he believes it was an accident. Liam’s relieved when he confirms he does. Wyatt asks his brother what exactly happened that night. “What did Dad do to land you in jail?”

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Liam fills Wyatt in off-screen and they jump to Liam turning himself in and worrying about all the experiences he’ll miss out on with the kids. Wyatt will step in with the children if it comes to that. Liam needs reassurance that someone will look out for Hope and the kids… that’s what he told Thomas. Wyatt quips, “Forrester?” Liam explains he was there earlier and he asked him for a favor. Wyatt’s incredulous that he asked Thomas to step in for him. Liam replies, “Not romantically,” but Wyatt counters, “What do you think he’d going to do?” Liam bangs on the tabletop — he wants them to have stability. Wyatt doesn’t know what he’s doing, but of all the people to ask to help out with Hope and Beth, “You asked Thomas?!”
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In Forrester’s design office, Paris tells Quinn to get up off the floor and stop begging. Quinn wants her to know how important her marriage is to her, and pleads with her to never tell anyone about her and Carter. Just then, Carter enters and asks what’s going on. Quinn states, “She knows.” Carter plays innocent but Paris urges him to give it up — she overheard Shauna and Quinn talking about their affair. Paris expresses her dismay at Carter betraying Eric. He asks to speak to her alone. Quinn begs Paris to keep quiet one more time as she leaves.
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Carter picks up where Quinn left off and explains what happened between them was a mistake; she’s back with her husband and he loves her sister. Paris challenges, “Do you? Or do you have feelings for Quinn?” Carter insists Zoe is the only one he wants a future with, but when he found out she’d turned to Zende it killed him. Paris questions him turning to a married woman. Carter realizes he’s in no place to judge Zoe now and wants to put it all behind him. That can only happen if Paris keeps quiet. It will destroy their happiness. “Don’t do this to your sister and to Eric and Quinn!” Paris argues she didn’t do it; they did. Carter swears it will never happen again and asks to her to keep the secret.

Shauna meets Quinn at the Forrester mansion and asks how it went with Paris. Quinn got there in time and they’re in the clear… for now, but she was about to spill everything to Zoe. She laments their decision to discuss everything at the office. She’ll never make that mistake ever again.

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Shauna learns that Quinn begged Paris to keep the secret, but she’s very upset and has the power to blow her and Carter out of the water. She insists it’s over, but Shauna wonders if she’s being honest with herself. Quinn flashes to sex with Carter and Shauna has to snap her out of it. Quinn assures her she and Carter just got caught up in the moment. “Can we please just drop it? These memories are haunting me.”

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