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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn is aghast that Paris knows the truth about her and Carter. Shauna relays that she begged her to keep the secret. Panicked, Quinn asks, “Tell me you got through to her.” Shauna warns that Zoe walked in on them and Paris asked to speak to her alone. Quinn learns the conversation is happening right now and gawps, “This can’t be happening!” She just got Eric back and has to head Paris off before she ruins her life! Shauna watches as her friend rushes out the door.
shauna tells quinn paris knows about her affair with carter bb

In the design office, Zoe is puzzled that her sister can’t be happy for her. Paris tells her there’s something she needs to know… it’s about Carter and Quinn. Zoe guesses that Paris thinks Quinn knew Shauna and Carter were sleeping together. She tells her sister that Quinn would have told her; she’s been such a good friend. Zoe’s never been happier and just wants Paris to be happy with her. She talks about how she’ll never look at another man and will spend her life honoring Carter as he honors her. Zoe gets called to a fitting shoot and Paris says what she had to tell her can wait. She just wants her to know she’s on her side. Zoe exits and Paris glares at Quinn’s framed photo.
paris tries to tell zoe about carter and quinn bb

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Quinn arrives and tells Paris she know she overheard her conversation with Shauna. She lets her know that what she did was wrong and that she and Carter both feel terrible. Quinn’s relieved to learn that she hasn’t told Zoe yet. Paris snaps that she didn’t say she wouldn’t. She marvels that Quinn was supposed to be helping her sister get Carter back and wound up in his bed. “How does that even happen?! Quinn explains that they were both having problems and it just… happened. She insists Carter is committed to Zoe and pleads with Paris not to take her sister’s happiness away. Paris warns her about taking that tack.

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Quinn decides to tell Paris about the time that Zoe spiked her smoothie before her date with Zende. Paris says it doesn’t change the fact that she slept with Carter. Quinn pleads with her not to hurt Eric or Zoe; they don’t deserve it. “Please don’t tell anyone about this.” Paris doesn’t want to be in the middle of this, but feels her sister deserves to know what her fiancé has been doing. Quinn argues that she’ll go straight to Eric. Paris counters, “Then go to him first.” Quinn begs Paris not to destroy Eric. She gets on her hands and knees to plead with the girl to keep the secret.

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In prison, Thomas pays Liam a visit. They pick up the phones and Liam says, “Hi Thomas.” Thomas replies, “You can’t be surprised. You killed my best friend. You killed Vinny.” Liam admits he hit Vinny and watched him die, but it was an accident. He wants to know that Thomas believes him. Thomas won’t try to justify what Vinny did, but he was the best friend he ever had. Liam says he’s so sorry and repeats that it was a complete accident. “That’s the truth.” Thomas muses, “According to you and your father.” He wants to know — if it was an accident, why not come forward and tell the truth?
thomas visits liam in jail bb

Liam explains the concern that the police wouldn’t believe Vinny’s death wasn’t intentional. Thomas can’t understand… Liam’s supposed to be the anti-Bill. Liam hates himself and doesn’t even know this person he’s become. He chokes up over hurting his family. If he gets convicted he could be in there for decades. Thomas is sure Bill will hire the best attorneys. Liam’s not trying to get out of paying for what he did, but his family doesn’t deserve to be punished. He can’t believe he’s saying this but… as much as he’s despised him in the past — he needs a favor. Liam needs Thomas to be there for Hope and the kids while he’s gone. Thomas is taken aback; he didn’t see that coming. Liam knows he’s good with the children and needs him to look out for them and protect them. “Can you do that for me? Can you do that for them?” Thomas vows to be there for Hope, Douglas, Beth, and Kelly for as long as they need, and as long as they need it. Liam, looking broken down, breathes, “Thank you.”
liam defends himself to thomas bb

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt is trying to wrap his head around his brother and father being arrested for a hit-and-run. All of those conversations he walked in on make sense now. Flo reminds him that Liam said it was an accident. Wyatt believes him but wonders if anyone else will. He marvels that the most amazing thing is how, out of all the cars in L.A., Vinny came to be in front of Liam’s car. Flo points out that coincidences happen all the time, but Wyatt still can’t get over this one.
wyatt and flo talk about liam and bill's arrests bb

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Carter and Quinn beg Paris to keep their secret.

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