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In Forrester Creations’ studio, Shauna texts Quinn to call or message her back. “I need to see you. It’s urgent.”

At the Forrester mansion, Quinn wants Eric to go back to bed. Eric doesn’t think they could top what happened last night. She hopes she proved how much she loves him. Quinn admires the necklace he gave her and says she’s never felt more hopeful about them, and their marriage. Eric reads an article about Liam and Bill’s arrest and hopes the whole thing gets straightened out. Quinn’s optimistic… about them at least. She promises she’ll never do anything to shake his belief in her again.

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At Carter’s place, he and Zoe lounge, half-dressed, on the sofa and go over getting engaged again. Carter wants to put the past behind them and is glad they saw the light before it’s too late. Once dressed, Zoe has to get to work, but suggests they meet up for lunch… or maybe dessert. She’s excited to share her news with everyone, especially Paris, who will be thrilled.

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In the Forrester Creations’ corridor, Paris replays the secret she learned in her mind, then calls her sister and leaves a voicemail that she needs to talk to her. Ridge appears and she asks if he’s seen Zoe. She makes a cryptic remark about wishing she wasn’t looking for her. Ridge asks, “What’s going on? Are you alright?” Paris admits something is bothering her. Just then, Shauna appears. “Hey you two! I hope I’m not interrupting.” Paris gets snarky and Ridge presumes this is about Carter. He suggests Paris leave it alone now that Zoe is happy. Charlie calls Ridge to the parking lot and Shauna pulls Paris into the design office.
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“You were about to tell Ridge everything, weren’t you?” Shauna asks Paris. She lectures that Zoe has been through enough, and asks why would Paris want to reveal the truth to her? Just then, Zoe enters. “What’s going on?” She wants to know what she walked in on, and then assumes Paris is going off on Shauna for hooking up with Carter. She tells her it’s not necessary — as of last night she and Carter are engaged again. Shauna congratulates her and hopes that nothing and no one will get in the way of their happiness again. She looks pointedly at Paris, who asks to speak to her sister alone.
Paris, Zoe, Shauna B&B

At the Forrester estate, Eric is suited up for work and teases Quinn about a hot tub date later. Quinn tells him he’s the only man she’ll ever be committed to, and he leaves. She notices Shauna’s message, but calls Carter instead. He confirms he’s alone and they compare notes on how well their relationships are going. Quinn preaches about moving on. They did something they’re not proud of, but no one will ever know except Shauna.

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In Forrester’s main office, Eric updates Ridge and Carter that he’s fully back with his wife and has more faith in her right now than he ever has. Carter looks uncomfortable, but then expresses how pleased he is. Carter muses about couples being able to get past things when their love is strong. Eric squints at him.
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In the design office, Zoe tells Paris she wants to put Shauna and Carter out of her mind. Paris understands, but doesn’t think that’s going to be possible. Zoe laughs. She appreciates her sister having her back through all of this; she’s been incredibly supportive. Paris has always wanted her to be happy. Zoe is now — because of Carter. Ordinarily, Paris would be happy for her, and she really wishes she didn’t have to tell her this, but she needs to know… and she needs to know now.
Zoe unsettled B&B

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Quinn is startled when Shauna slams into the Forrester mansion and warns that portrait she was just admiring might be coming down very soon! Quinn gushes that she’s back with her husband in every way. Shauna breaks the news that Paris overheard them at Forrester yesterday. “She knows. She knows I wasn’t the one having an affair with Carter… that it was you.” Quinn looks shell-shocked.

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