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Outside the main office, Paris listens as Shauna and Quinn go over the secret inside. Quinn is so grateful to her best friend and is tempted to let her tell Flo the truth. Shauna reassures her and isn’t about to let Quinn lose her marriage to Eric. She reiterates that no one will know it was Quinn sleeping with Carter and not Shauna.

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In his loft, Carter looks perplexed as his mind keeps replaying his romps with Quinn. Zoe arrives and takes in the romantic set-up. She thanks him for a fresh start. Carter wants them to move forward and forget the past. Zoe thinks they’ve come out of their issues stronger; she’ll never take him for granted again. They hurt each other but they got through it. Carter replies, “Almost. There’s one more thing that needs to be said.” Carter pulls out her engagement ring and hopes she’ll say, “Yes.”
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Carter recaps that a lot has happened since he first put it on her finger — a lot of hurt, but also a lot of growth. “Zoe, I want a life with you. I want a life with the woman I know I’m supposed to be with.” Zoe cries, “Yes, absolutely yes, Carter!” They revel in the ring being back where it belongs, and Carter can’t wait to add to it with a wedding band. Zoe asks if he’s sure about this — neither of them could take anymore lies. Carter assures her nothing can come between them now.
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Quinn arrives at home and walks over to look up at her portrait. Eric enters the room and tells her how beautiful she is before producing two martinis. They toast to them, to new beginnings, putting their mistakes behind them, and moving forward. They snuggle up on the couch and talk about Wyatt. Eric worries they should invite them over, but Quinn says he’s having a quiet night at home with Flo. Eric wants the same with his wife and assures her he’s right where he wants to be. He regrets ignoring her passionate side and won’t let it happen again. “You never let your commitment waiver, and I never will again either.” Eric goes on about how devoted she’s been and gives her a new necklace. He chuckles over leaving his jewelry designer speechless. Quinn puts it on and tells her ‘sweet, sweet husband’ never to doubt how precious he is to her. “I love you and I never want to lose you.” Eric replies, “You never will.” They embrace.
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Still at Forrester, Shauna leaves Flo a phone message apologizing for not telling her about Carter. She disconnects as Paris walks in. Shauna tells her if she’s looking for Quinn, she’s gone home to her husband. Paris will want a word with Quinn, but she first wants to speak to Shauna. Shauna reiterates that her sister has nothing to worry about from her. Paris questions if she told the truth about the night Zoe found Carter in bed with another woman, or if it was just a lie. “It just isn’t adding up.” She recalls how Zoe told her Shauna made a statement by putting on the jacket and confessing. Paris notes that Quinn was there when it happened — a woman she’d do anything for, including lie to her daughter.
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As Shauna is about to walk out, Paris stops her by saying she knows the truth; the woman in Carter’s bed that night was the person Zoe thought was helping her — Eric Forrester’s wife. “It was Quinn.” Shauna starts to deny it, but Paris interrupts — she heard every word they said. Shauna sighs and admits it was Quinn, but wants Paris to understand that Carter and Quinn both needed companionship and touch. Paris levels that Quinn betrayed her husband and her sister, who believed she was helping her. Shauna insists Quinn wants Zoe to be with Carter and warns two happy couples will be torn apart if Paris talks. Paris argues the truth makes things stronger. Shauna asks if she really wants to be the reason Zoe and Carter break up again. “You need to promise me you won’t say anything about Carter and Quinn. Nobody has to know. Just promise me.”

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