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In the studio, Flo asks Shauna if she had an affair with Carter. Paris interrupts to say, “Of course she did.” Flo brands this as ridiculous — her mother tells her everything. “Right, mom?” Flo asks again, “Tell me you didn’t sleep with Carter.” Shauna gawps and stammers, “Carter and I were… intimate.” Flo can’t believe she didn’t tell her. Shauna assures Paris she has absolutely nothing to worry about. “Not from me.” Paris is happy to hear she won’t be a problem for Zoe and Carter and hopes she means it. They clarify that Shauna wasn’t with Carter when he was with Zoe, and then Shauna excuses herself.
Flo grill Shauna B&B

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In the main office, Quinn loves watching Eric work. He could never bore her and she remarks that she’s lucky to be his wife. He’s lucky to be her husband and assures her he never stopped loving her for a second. He was hurt, but she was always his wife. Quinn is sorry she betrayed his trust and will never take their relationship for granted again. Eric looks at a photo of Zoe and reflects that she’s a remarkable looking woman but he sees hurt in her eyes. Eric questions Quinn helping Carter reunite with Zoe while he was seeing her best friend. It’s very curious to him. Quinn figures Shauna didn’t want to put her in an awkward position. Eric thinks any woman would be lucky to have Carter and asks, “Wouldn’t you say?” Quinn’s eyes fly wide open, but she recovers and changes the subject. Eric exits and Quinn slumps into a chair.
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In the design office, Carter recaps that Zoe never gave up on them no matter how much he pushed her away. He was lost without her and didn’t like the person he was becoming. Zoe wants to move on too, but it still hurts that he turned to another woman. She needs to be certain it’s over between him and Shauna. Carter insists there is nothing going on with Shauna — he has zero feelings for her and wants to build a life with Zoe. She wants that too, but never wants to let anyone get between them again. Zoe continues on that it scares her that Carter turned to Shauna so quickly. She worries it was more than a rebound.

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Carter explains that after what happened with Zende he lost it a bit, but it wasn’t real. Zoe is what he needs. Carter becomes impatient, “You have to stop dwelling on this!” He wants to leave the past behind them. Zoe gets a text about a meeting with Paris, but reminds Carter they’ll do something special tonight. They kiss. After Zoe exits, Carter looks at a framed photo of Eric and Quinn and flashes to being in bed with her.

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Shauna joins Quinn in the office and she’s fuming. “I lied to me daughter because of you.” Quinn learns about the confrontation and asks if Shauna stuck to the story. She seeks assurance that Shauna didn’t tell Paris and Flo. Shauna didn’t, but hates that she lied to Flo. She wanted to tell her the truth. Quinn reminds her that her marriage is on the line. “Eric can never find out the truth. Everyone has to keep believing it was you with Carter, not me.”
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In the studio, Paris is relieved to see Zoe so happy again. Zoe senses something is up with her sister. Paris doesn’t want to bring her down, but Carter was just hooking up with someone else. Zoe wants to focus on their future and will stay away with Shauna. Paris reports that she talked to Flo about it but she had no idea and interrogated her mother for her. Paris assures her sister that Carter knows what he has with her and exits.

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In the main office, Shauna is still fuming over lying to her daughter because of Quinn being with Carter. How could she allow herself to be so careless? Quinn protests that they had a connection — it didn’t feel wrong. But it won’t happen again. Shauna warns it better not because she hates lying. Paris arrives outside the door as Shauna tells Quinn she doesn’t want to be the kind of woman who lies to her daughter. Quinn goes on that Eric can never find out that the woman in Carter’s bed wasn’t her, but his own wife. Shauna loves her friend and confirms, “No one will ever find out that the woman Carter had an affair with wasn’t me, it was you.” Outside the door, Paris is stunned.

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