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In Forrester’s design office, Shauna asks Quinn how Wyatt is holding up knowing both his father and brother are in jail. As badly as she feels for her son, Quinn can’t stop thinking about how she betrayed her husband. Shauna believes she’s still thinking about Carter. They recap how she hooked up with the company’s gorgeous COO. Quinn still loves Eric. She frets that if Zoe had found out her marriage would have been over. “I can’t let that happen, Shauna.”

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In the main office, Eric and Carter talk about the shock of Liam being the hit-and-run driver. It was more troubling to Thomas than anyone… he thought he could trust Liam to raise his boy. Carter muses, ‘You think you know someone…” Eric asks if he’s alright. He admits he’s not. Eric encourages him to open up. Carter balks. Eric thinks he knows what’s on Carter’s mind. He heard some office gossip and figures the COO was thinking about the women in his life. Carter doesn’t know who told him, but… Eric interrupts to say he has nothing to be ashamed of. Carter argues, “Yes I do.”

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Eric tells Carter there was nothing wrong with reaching out to someone else after Zoe hurt him. Carter says his life went off the rails for a bit, but he will try to do better — he never wants Eric to question him or his loyalty. Eric asks, “Loyalty? Why would you say that to me?” Just then Zoe enters. Eric advises Carter not to dwell on the past and exits. Zoe asks if Carter has something on his mind. He says that right now, it’s only her. Zoe wants to leave the past in the past… including walking in on him and Shauna. “We don’t need to think about that day ever again.” Carter flashes to sex with Quinn and blinks.

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In the studio, Paris listens to Flo talk about the situation with Liam. She says Wyatt knew something was up and that Liam told them it was an accident and they believe him. Paris asks Flo if her mother is around today — she’d like to have a word with her. Flo wonders why. Paris doesn’t want to make things awkward, but she’s concerned about Shauna messing things up for Zoe. Flo’s puzzled — her mom hardly even knows Zoe. Paris sighs, “I know.” Flo is bewildered. “You think that my mom did something wrong?” Paris eventually realizes that Flo is clueless and explains that Shauna had a thing with Carter. Flo gawps. She can’t believe it. Paris insists it was a full on thing… in bed with clothes on the floor — Zoe walked in on them. Flo thinks it must be a mistake, but Paris explains that Shauna admitted to it. Flo is stunned. Her mother didn’t say anything to her and she tells her everything.
Paris overhear studio B&B

In the design office, Quinn tells Shauna she saved her life. Shauna warns that it cannot happen again. “You know how I feel about lying.” She adds that thank goodness Flo didn’t find out because she can’t lie to her daughter. Quinn insists her friend has to stick to the story even if it’s her daughter she’s talking to; “No one can know about Carter!” Eric enters and asks, “No one can know what about Carter?”

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Eric mentions he was just with Carter and he was a little out of sorts. Eric wants to know what’s going on and questions if this has to do with the rumors he’s been hearing about the woman Carter was seeing. Shauna admits it’s her. “I’m the one. Carter and I had an affair.” Eric gapes, “You and Carter?” Shauna and Quinn assure him it’s over now that Carter’s recommitted to Zoe. Eric’s taken aback, and is glad it ended amicably, but knowing Shauna and Carter as he does, he has trouble believing it was so casual. Shauna goes, and Eric recaps that it’s alright that Carter reached out to someone; he’s just surprised it was Shauna.
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In the studio, Flo insists to Paris that something is off about this story about her mother and Carter. If she was with a man like him she’d want to scream it from the rooftops. Flo ponders if she kept it a secret to save her from issues at work. Just then, Shauna appears and Flo informs her she’s confused. Paris seems to be confused about something. “I want a straight answer from you. Carter. Did you hook up with Carter?”
Flo questions studio B&B

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