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At Forrester Creations, Brooke has filled in an astounded Ridge on Liam being arrested for killing Vinny Walker. She stresses that his kids don’t know yet, and Hope is still trying to figure out how this happened. They go over the “freak” circumstances. Brooke protests that it was hard for Liam. Ridge gapes — it was hard for him?! A young man lost his life! Steffy and Thomas enter. Ridge relays they have news… they know who ran down Vinny.

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Thomas fumes, “They found the bastard who killed Vinny?!” Brooke urges him to listen before he reacts — it was an accident. Thomas argues he left him on the side of the road to die. Brooke insists it was intentional. Ridge and Brooke warn it’s someone they know. Steffy presses their father to say who it is. Ridge reveals, “It was Liam. Liam killed Vinny.” Thomas and Steffy are stunned. Steffy finally says the police must have it wrong, but Brooke confirms it was him. Ridge explains he confessed to Chief Baker who booked him into custody. Steffy can’t understand why he didn’t say anything. Thomas figures he didn’t care and rants that he treated his best friend like an animal.
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Brooke just found out and she adds Hope only learned the truth recently. Thomas fumes that Liam was lying to Hope too. Brooke reveals that Bill is also involved; he was in the passenger seat. Ridge rails, “Why didn’t they stay?” Brooke explains that Bill put Liam in the car after he passed out and drove off. Thomas is furious. Brooke tells them Hope is at the jail with Liam. Steffy and Thomas question Liam not coming forward. Brooke says Bill wouldn’t allow it and adds, “It was a freak accident.” She endeavors to make Thomas understand that Liam didn’t mean to do it. Thomas has had conversations with Liam multiple times about wanting the culprit to pay and he said nothing. Steffy worries that Kelly will have to visit her daddy in prison the rest of his life. Brooke insists they can’t happen. She’s sorry for Thomas’ loss, but pleads with him to think of Hope. She doesn’t want her family torn apart by what happened that awful night.
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Hope visits Liam in jail and they talk by phone through the glass. She assures him the kids are fine. He worries about what they’ll tell the children, but Hope is just focused on getting him out of there. She shows him a card the kids made him and a family photo they’ll let him keep in his cell. Hope reminds him he’s a good man and doesn’t belong in there.

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Justin arrives at the jail to speak with Liam, who relays he tried to keep his father out of it. Justin is surprised Bill didn’t tell him about this; he tells him everything. He warns they both admitted guilt in their statements, but he’ll do what he can to get them out of there. Justin asks Liam to go over the night in question. Liam and Hope oblige.

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Hope insists Bill enacted the cover-up while Liam was unconscious. “He’s the real criminal here.” Justin groans over Bill getting rid of Vinny’s wallet and cellphone. Liam explains Bill was trying to protect him. Justin now understands why he had the car sent halfway around the world. He wishes they would have waited for him before answering Baker’s questions. Liam realizes it’s not looking good for either of them. Hope protests that Liam shouldn’t pay the price for what Bill did, but Justin reminds her he had ample time to come forward after he regained consciousness. Hope doesn’t think Liam did anything wrong and pleads with Justin to help them.
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After, Hope tells Liam it took courage to turn himself in. She loves him and forgives him for everything. He thanks her for giving him that. She assures him they’re not finished making memories; they’re just getting started. Hope will make sure the judge and jury knows he’d have made the right choice that night given the opportunity. The guard says, “Time’s up,” as Hope vows to fight for him.
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