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At the police station, Bill orders Baker to let Liam go. “He’s innocent. I am anything but.” He goes on that he set the cover up in motion and, again, demands the deputy chief let Liam go home to his family. Baker seethes, “You Spencers think you can get away with anything.” He hollers that he wants the truth about what happened to Vinny Walker that night. Bill explains how the accident unfolded says Liam was out cold after. Baker questions him coming forward with this now that he’s arrested his son. Bill complains that idiot Vinny walked right out into the road. Baker runs through their story of what went down that night and congratulates Bill — he’s now under arrest. Liam grimaces. When Baker steps away, Liam rants at Bill about turning himself in. Bill assures him Justin will have him out in an hour. They bicker over whose family needs them more. Baker reappears and Bill expects Liam to be let go, but the chief explains he played an active role in the cover-up. He’s keeping them both in custody.
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At the cabin, Brooke marvels at Liam keeping the truth about Vinny’s accident from Hope for so long. “What possessed him?” Hope replies, “Bill. It was all Bill.” Brooke realizes Bill must have been in the car when it happened. Hope confirms it, and complains about him trying to take care of everything and manipulating. She explains two things happened — the accident and the cover up. The cover up was all Bill — he’s the one who deserves to be in jail. Hope tells Brooke the details of how the accident unfolded and how Bill chose to cover it up. He was convinced no one would believe Liam didn’t hit Vinny on purpose. Brooke learns Bill got rid of Vinny’s wallet and phone, and later, the car.

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Brooke figures Liam was devastated to realize what he did. Hope confirms Liam would have done the right thing if he had a choice, but he didn’t. Bill convinced him to keep quiet. “This is all Bill’s fault. Liam would be at home with me and the kids right now if it wasn’t for his selfish father!” Brooke gawps at Bill leaving someone on the road like their life doesn’t matter. Hope can’t sit idly by while her husband and children suffer for Bill’s stupidity. She’s taking matters into her own hands. Brooke frets as Hope calls up Deputy Chief Baker. Hope informs him she knows more about the accident. Baker relays that Bill confessed to the cover up. Hope is relieved; now he knows that Bill was the one who committed the crime. “It’s Bill who should be behind bars.”
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At Forrester Creations, Ridge finds Thomas lost in his work. He exclaims over his newest design for Hope for the Future. Thomas relays that Hope hasn’t seen it yet; she hasn’t been in. He recaps that if Hope’s happy, he’s happy. Thomas realizes you can’t force someone to love you; you have to cut ties or forge a different kind of relationship. He muses that he lost himself there for a while but is back on track. Ridge anticipates the best version of Thomas ever. His son recaps that no matter how much he loves Hope, her future is with Liam.

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Ridge asks if Thomas still has his doubts about Liam. Thomas certainly does, given his track record of going back and forth between Hope and Steffy. He scoffs about whether Liam’s on his second, third, fourth or fifth chance, but hopes it works out. Thomas gets a reminder on his phone for his monthly guys’ night with Vinny and becomes emotional. Ridge is sorry. Thomas keep being reminded of memories and photos. “I miss my friend.” Ridge knows he always will. Thomas talks about the suddenness of how he died. “I have to find the person who did this. I have to. I’m going to make sure this guy pays.”
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At the police station, Liam looks defeated and concerned as he’s put into a cell and sits behind bars.

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At the cabin, Hope cries to Brooke that Baker won’t even consider letting Liam go. She breaks down about being alone with the kids and sobs that Liam’s the love of her life and she doesn’t know how long he’ll be gone. “I don’t know what to do, mom.” Brooke holds her.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas learns Liam killed Vinny.

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