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Hope enters Bill’s office, and he realizes she’s alone. He bellows, “Where is Liam? Where is my son?!” When she doesn’t answer he rages at her. Hope admits that Liam only wanted Bill to believe he was leaving the police station… he’s now in custody. Bill snaps, “In custody?! My son confessed?” Hope informs him the secrets and lies were killing Liam, if he believes he could have gone past it, then he doesn’t know his son at all. Bill asks how she could let him do this. Hope snarls, “How could you?” She points out he orchestrated the whole thing — it’s his fault Liam is behind bars!

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Bill argues that Liam is in jail because Hope convinced him to do what was right. Hope hollers that Bill made the situation worse by throwing Liam in the car and driving off. If she loses her husband and her children lose their father she will never forgive him! Bill wonders if she’ll ever forgive herself — did she cleanse her soul?! He vows not to let Liam spend one night in prison. Bill will do whatever it takes to get Liam home with her and his girls.
Hope, Bill square off B&B

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At the police station, Baker questions if Liam is co-operating as he suggests he’s holding back details from the night Vinny died. He’s developed a sixth sense for when someone isn’t being forthcoming. Baker questions if there’s anything that might change the dynamic of the case. He warns Liam that by withholding pertinent information he’s just making it worse for himself and those who love and care about him. Liam concedes it was wrong to take so long to report the accident, but he can’t change anything about that night now. Baker muses that the Liam Spencer who covered up a hit-and-run doesn’t jive with the Liam Spencer everyone knows. “Is there anything else about that night you’re holding back?” As Baker tells him his version of events doesn’t make sense, Liam flashes to the night in question. Liam insists all that matters is that he was behind the wheel that night. “You got your man.”
Deputy Baker, Liam interrogation B&B

In the cabin, Brooke tells Ridge she’s planned a spa day for Hope and Liam. He’d like it if the spa day was for them. She teases that he paid for the gift card. Ridge tells her Steffy and Finn are having a boy and enthuses, “Isn’t that great news?!” Brooke exclaims, “Yes! I can’t believe it.” She thinks they should plan a special evening for Hope and Liam, and Steffy and Finn. Ridge wonders if this includes her pal, Bill Spencer. Brooke thinks it’s best they all put the past behind them and move on. They canoodle and embrace over things being good for their kids at long last.
Brooke, Ridge cabin B&B

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Hope returns home to find Brooke placing flowers from the garden around her cabin. She can see that something is wrong and asks Hope to talk to her. Hope asks if she remembers the night that Liam kissed her, and Bill was there too. Bill asked Liam to drive because he’d had a couple drinks. It was the night that Vinny was run over. Brooke muses that they still don’t know who did it. Hope explains they do now — the person confessed. Brooke wonders how she knows this. Hope knows because the person who was behind the wheel told her — it was Liam. Brooke gasps and grabs her head. She exclaims that Liam would never do something like that; “A hit-and-run?!” Hope says the road was dark and explains the guilt had been killing him. She’s proud that he did the right thing by coming forward but her heart was shattered to see him in handcuffs. Brooke’s so sorry.
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At the police station, Bill busts into the lock-up despite Baker’s protests. “Let me talk to my son or…” Baker intones, “Or what?” Bill uses his manners. Baker gives them five minutes. Liam tells Bill that this was the only way, which Bill disputes. He’s scared to death for Liam and plans to confess so he’ll go free. Liam argues, “That’s not happening.”
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They debate over which of them committed a crime. Liam is not bringing his father’s name into it… ever. Will depends on him, and Liam will need him to take care of Hope, Beth, and Kelly. “Tell me that my family can count on you.” Bill argues Liam’s family needs to be able to count on him. He won’t allow his son to spend one minute in jail because of that degenerate, Vinny. Baker returns to take Liam away and Bill barks, “Stop!” Bill reveals he was in the car with Liam and the only crime committed was him driving them away from the scene. “You lock me up and let my son go free!”
Deputy Baker, Bill interrogation room B&B

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