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At the police station, Deputy Chief Baker asks Liam, “You killed Vincent Walker?” Liam replies that he didn’t do it intentionally, but he did it. “I’m the one you’re looking for.” Hope and Liam join Baker at an interrogation table, where he warns they’re being recorded. He allows Hope to stay and confesses he was expecting this. Liam talks about the guilt and reiterates it was an accident. Baker notes, “That you fled from. Why?” Liam isn’t sure. Baker suspects he was under the influence or texting on his phone. Liam denies it. Baker then suggests Liam couldn’t resist an opportunity to take revenge on the man who had hurt him, and asks if he ran Vinny down on purpose. Liam insists he came out of nowhere, but the chief goes over Liam’s motive for wanting him dead. He leans threateningly across the table and intones, “It doesn’t sound like an accident, Liam. It was murder!”

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Hope interjects that what Vinny did was terrible but it didn’t cause them to separate — Liam slept with another woman. Liam adds that he and Hope actually reconciled that night; he was driving with a big smile on his face until the accident. Liam recalls watching Vinny take his last breath. Baker concludes, “So you got in your car and drove away.” Liam freaked out and worried about the police thinking he had motive. If he could do it over again he would. Hope pleads with Baker to understand it was just an accident.

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In his office, Bill stresses out as Liam fails to show up as promised. He’s leaving an angry voicemail for Liam when Wyatt enters. Bill snaps at him, and Wyatt flips out. He’s out of patience and is there to help him — clearly it’s needed —he’s never seen him so stressed. “Tell me what I can do to help you guys!” Bill informs Wyatt there’s nothing he can do… at this point there may not be anything anyone can do for his brother.
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In Forrester’s main office, Steffy shows her father the ultrasound photo and muses that it’s not that much longer until he makes his debut. Finn marvels, “Our son.” He can’t wait. Thomas asks if she had a feeling it was a boy. She did, but would have been happy with either. Finn talks up what a great mother she is. Thomas asks Steffy if she’s told their mom it’s a boy. She hasn’t called yet because of the time change. Ridge teases they’ll have to get used to getting up in the middle of the night and enthuses about Steffy and Finn’s relationship.
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Thomas is glad what happened with Vinny didn’t break up Steffy and Finn. He’s happy for Hope and Liam too and is glad they’ll have some peace. Finn steps away to take a call from the hospital, and Thomas tells Steffy again that he would have felt terrible if what Vinny did had ended her relationship. They go over the police still not having found out who ran him down. Thomas shakes his head. “Not yet, but they will. They have to.”

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Later, Steffy tells Finn she wasn’t trying to bring Thomas down by bringing up what happened to Vinny. They swerve back to marveling about having a son and kiss.
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In Bill’s office, he tries once again to reach Liam and slams down the phone when he gets voicemail. “Dammit, Liam! Where are you?”
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At the police station, Baker can’t take Hope’s word for it that Vinny’s death was an accident. Liam wonders what he has to do convince the deputy chief. Baker asks what happened to the car he was driving, and to Vinny’s phone and wallet… Did he really do all of this alone? Liam stammers, then finally decides he should wait and speak to a lawyer. Baker muses, “Ah, I see.” He tells the officer that Mr. Spencer is ready for booking. Hope is left reeling as Liam is taken in, read his MIRANDA rights, cuffed, fingerprinted, and gets a mugshot. She flashes through good times, until Baker brings Liam back out and gives them a moment. Hope tells him he did the right thing and that she loves him as he’s led away to a jail cell.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Hope blames Bill for Liam being behind bars.

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