Steffy, Finn learn gender baby B&B
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At Forrester Creations, Finn tells Steffy she gets more and more beautiful each day… she’s glowing. They’re canoodling when Ridge enters and remarks on how pretty they look together. Finn mentions taking Kelly on some adventures and Steffy hopes her father doesn’t feel she’s been neglecting her duties there. Ridge reassures her. Steffy and Finn are about to go to an ultrasound appointment and promise to send the photo along. Thomas enters as they’re talking about their trip to Joshua Tree. Finn asks if there have been any leads in Vinny’s death. Thomas hasn’t heard anything, but wonders if maybe they’re closer to finding the bastard than he knows.
Finn, Steffy happy B&B

After Steffy and Finn are gone, Thomas wonders why they didn’t elope. Ridge muses that maybe they’re just too busy right now. Talk turns to Thomas possibly dating again. Ridge is glad he sees now that Hope’s not an option. Thomas is pleased that she’s happy with Liam; they deserve a peaceful future. He can see Liam has his interests in the right place and cares about the kids. Ridge warns his son not to forget that he’s Douglas’ father and to keep working on that relationship. Thomas relays that the co-parenting has been going well and remarks on Hope and Liam taking extra time with the kids this morning.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill leaves Liam a voicemail discouraging him from making a huge mistake. Wyatt enters, overhears him, and says enough is enough. He wants to know what’s going on. He hollers at Bill to stop jerking him around — he won’t drop it until he comes clean. Bill admits Liam is dealing with a pretty big issue and today will determine a lot for him. He asks Wyatt to respect his brother by giving him a day, then snaps, “I mean it, Wyatt! Don’t push it!”
Wyatt, Bill office B&B

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In the cabin, Liam listens to Bill’s message as Hope appears. She wonders if he’s made a decision. “Are you going to turn yourself in?” She wants to do the ethical thing, but is worried about the outcome. Hope asks if this is a secret he could keep and still live with himself. Hope has Donna coming for the kids; she doesn’t want them in the back of the car while she drops him at the police station. She asks again if he’s going to confess.

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At Dr. Campbell’s office, she’s pleased to see how happy and excited Finn and Steffy are for their baby. They share a kiss. Campbell does the ultrasound and says everything looks good before asking if they want to know the sex. They had agreed to wait, but Finn admits that he doesn’t think he can. Steffy can’t either. Giddy, they decide to find out the sex of the baby and ask the doctor if they’re having a boy or a girl. They learn they are having a boy and are overcome with emotion and excitement. Finn has wanted to be a father for as long as he can remember and has been amazed watching Steffy be a mom to Kelly. They gush over the news that they’ll be sharing a son. Finn would have been happy with either, but is excited it’s a boy. Steffy secretly wanted a boy and knows Kelly hoped for a little brother. They express their love as they look at their ultrasound photo.
Finn have son with Steffy B&B

Bill arrives at the cabin and curses when he finds Hope and Liam have left.

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Hope and Liam enter the police station and he tells an officer he’s there to see Deputy Chief Baker — he’s not expecting him, but he’ll want to see him. As they wait, Liam tells Hope he won’t take Bill down with him — there’s no reason Will should grow up without a father. As Baker appears and asks why they wanted to see him, Bill arrives. He insists on a moment alone with Liam. Baker steps away to take a call and Bill hisses at Liam that he’s throwing his life away. Liam has to tell the truth. Bill reminds him Vinny was a scumbag drug dealer and says they’re going to turn around and walk out of there. Baker returns, takes in Liam’s expression, and knows he’s there with a story to tell or a statement to make. “What is it, Liam? What brings you all the way down here?”
Liam, Hope, police officer B&B

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Liam plays a trick on Bill in order to do the right thing.

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