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At Spencer Publications, Bill frantically tries to reach Liam and leaves him a voicemail to call him before he makes a decision he can’t take back. Wyatt arrives and Bill snaps at him. Wyatt’s looking for Liam and questions why he’s not at work anymore. “Did something happen?” He explains he’s not trying to irritate him but they’re his family. Bill spouts that everyone’s fine. Wyatt counters that Vinny’s not fine, he’s dead. Bill does a mock dance on his grave and opines that justice is a dish best served cold. Wyatt muses about the one person who caused the paternity mess being dead and asks, “Do the cops know who killed Thomas’ best friend?” Bill bellows that he never wants to talk about Vinny again!

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At Forrester Creations, Brooke explains to Ridge that she wanted to know what Bill’s concerns were about Hope and Liam. Thomas wanders in and agrees there’s an issue with him. He explains he saw him yesterday and he said awful things about Vinny, which reminded him what a horrible person Bill is. Ridge ruminates that Bill’s been terrible to his family from day one. Thomas explains he was there about a feature in Eye on Fashion and shouldn’t have stopped by Bill’s office. Brooke asks what happened.
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Thomas says Bill was full of contempt for Vinny — he was acting as though he wanted the person who killed him to get away with it. They go over Vinny’s reasons for switching the paternity test results. Thomas knew him better than anyone and he wasn’t a bad person… he didn’t deserve to die like that. Brooke’s surprised to hear that Thomas kept Douglas another night, but is glad she and Liam spent more time alone. Thomas sincerely wants the best for them. Brooke seems convinced and smiles at Ridge after Thomas leaves.
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Brooke and Ridge banter and she admits there’s a chance she’s starting to believe Thomas has changed. Ridge muses, “Well, hallelujah!” Ridge asks her to say it again. Brooke isn’t ready to head up his fan club, but she does see a change. Ridge loves that and appreciates her.
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At the cabin, Liam tells Hope there’s no point in talking to his father; they both know what he’ll say. He wonders if Baker will take him into custody right away. Hope asks if he’s truly ready to walk into the police station and turn himself in. She realizes taking accountability will lift a huge weight from his shoulders. Liam confirms it’s the right thing to do. Hope asks, “But is it?” She wonders if doing the right thing his worth losing his family. “Is it right to leave our children without their father?” Her voice quavers as she protests that they need him; she needs him. Hope reminds him this is actually all on Bill — what happens to his family and business if this comes out. She questions if it’s really all worth it for… Vinny. Hope sobs that she sounds like a terrible person but Liam going to prison won’t bring Vinny back.

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Liam chokes up about his kids thinking that he left one day and never came back and agonizes. Just then, Thomas comes in with Douglas. If feels like they interrupted something. Douglas asks if they’re okay. They want them both to be happy. Thomas decides to take Douglas to play ball. Liam thanks Thom for being there for Beth and Douglas. Thomas loves the kids. Liam fights tears as they go.

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In his office, Bill paces and mutters, “Come on, Liam. Answer me.”

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