Hope fuming, Liam cabin B&B
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At the cabin, Bill tells Liam he’s not going anywhere and is appalled he wants to go to the police station. Hope argues that Liam could have explained the accident to the authorities, but what Bill did turned it into a crime. Bill was trying to protect his son! Hope lashes back that Bill turned him into a criminal! Liam pipes up that he never wanted to keep this secret. Bill hollers that if they’d stayed there he wouldn’t have his marriage back. “You two and your damn principles,” he grumbles. There’s no way he will allow Liam to go to the police station and confess. Bill tells Hope the only reason Liam’s not in a jail cell is because of him. Hope disagrees and Liam says if he keeps this hidden it will poison everything. Bill sighs. Liam is better than him, but the police won’t believe him because he had motive — he hated Vinny — it’s a prosecutor’s dream; a slam dunk.
Hope, Liam, Bill cabin B&B

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Bill did what he did because he loves his son. Hope understands he was trying to protect him, but instead, he may have sealed his fate. They bicker over Liam going to the cops and Bill warns it will be the worst decision he’s ever made. Hope argues the truth will clear his conscience. Bill isn’t about sacrificing his son’s life for that dirtbag, Vinny. Liam has to face the consequences of his own actions. Bill groans; he had this all worked out! The only thing that will get Liam arrested is Hope’s bad advice and his guilty conscience. He protests that Liam didn’t hit Vinny on purpose. There was no saving him, but Liam can save himself. Bill asks Hope, does she wants Liam in prison for the rest of his life? He urges them to give it twenty-four hours before they do anything rash. “Twenty four hours. Promise me.”

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In Forrester Creations’ design office, Zoe and Paris go over Carter being with someone else while they were apart, then enthuse about them being back together. Paris is so happy for her sister. Zoe recalls that Quinn told her not to give up — she’s really glad she trusted her! Paris recaps that everyone could see how much Zoe loved Carter and wanted him back. Zoe marvels that the amazing change in Carter must be due to Quinn. She’s more confident and hopeful than ever. Zoe is so excited about her future and can’t wait to tell Quinn, who must have gone all out to get through to him.

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Carter enters that main office and sees Quinn. She tells him to come in and asks if this is going to be awkward. Carter hopes not. Quinn thinks the best thing to do now that they’re back on track with Zoe and Eric is to act like their time together never happened. They go over what they risked. Quinn believes their futures are with Eric and Zoe. She recaps their connection and how Carter was everything to him… but whatever was between them is over. Carter agrees; they probably shouldn’t even be talking about this right now. Quinn sums up that no one can find out. Carter feels they certainly shouldn’t discuss it at the office and she can’t come to his place again. Quinn says they shouldn’t be alone. Carter worries — she can’t be alone with him? Quinn reassures him; they need to act normally as colleagues, but what they felt has to be pushed down forever.
Quinn, Carter B&B

Just then, Zoe enters and asks what’s going on? She scolds Carter for telling Quinn before she could that they’re back together. Quinn offers congratulations. Zoe gushes that because of Quinn, Carter gave her another chance. Quinn thinks she’s giving her too much credit; she and Carter have something special and should embrace that moving forward. Carter pipes up; that’s what they’ll do.
Zoe catches Quinn, Carter talking B&B

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt tells Flo that whatever’s going on with his dad is definitely not work-related. He can’t figure out why Bill would get into it with Thomas and insult Vinny like he did. Wyatt supposes he was being overprotective of Liam given the paternity test could have ruined his marriage. He decides he doesn’t fault Bill; he’d do anything for his sons. Wyatt puzzles that Liam should be happier now that he’s back with Hope. He senses there is something else going on with his dad and his brother, however, and they’re not telling him about it.

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