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At Spencer, Bill rants to Wyatt about Thomas pissing him off earlier. Wyatt agrees Thomas deserves to be in jail for what he did to their family but wonders why he was trying to get Bill’s sympathy over Vinny’s death. Bill flips when Wyatt admits Vinny deserved to pay a price for his crimes but he didn’t deserve to be left on the side of the road. “You don’t know what happened,” Bill says. “Neither do you,” Wyatt replies. Bill texts Liam to make sure everything is okay, which leaves Wyatt wondering if the text is about a business deal. Speaking of which, Wyatt asks if Liam plans to show up to work. Bill talks around Wyatt, who questions why Bill’s blood boils every time Vinny’s name is mentioned — and why is Bill telling everyone to put Vinny out of their minds. Wyatt thinks that’s why Bill and Liam have been arguing, but Bill shuts him down and orders no more talk about Vinny! Wyatt tries to make small talk about plumbers and business deals, but Bill looks at a photo of him and Liam and thinks back to warning Liam to stay quiet. Bill says he has something to take care of and leaves. Wyatt screams after him and wonders where he’s going.

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Later, Flo arrives and notices Wyatt is stressed. He brings up his weird encounter with Bill — and how Thomas came to see his dad. Wyatt relays how wound up Bill was about Vinny.

flo and wyatt talk at spencer bb

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In the cabin, Hope cannot believe that Bill made the decision to leave Vinny on the side of the road to die. Liam takes the blame as well and recalls passing out after watching Vinny take his last breath. Hope blames Bill for the coverup, even as Liam continues to make excuses, and snaps, “This is all on your dad.” Liam explains all of the details of how Bill covered up the crime and how he reminded Liam that he had motive. Hope believes what Bill did, in trying to protect him, could destroy the rest of Liam’s life. Liam admits reality is catching up to him, the feeling in the pit of his stomach isn’t going away. How long before the police find out? How long before he loses her and their family? Hope promises that will never happen and is glad that Liam confided in her. Liam knows Bill’s going to be furious when he learns. Hope doesn’t care about Bill, she cares about her husband!

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“I think we both know what needs to be done,” Hope cries. “It’s time. The truth needs to come out.” She vows they’ll make the authorities understand what really happened. They need to hear Liam’s story. She’s scared, like Liam is, but the truth shall set him free. Liam agrees, “It’s time.” Just as they get up to go to the police, Bill appears and asks, “Where are you going?” Bill realizes Liam told Hope the truth, as she screams at Bill for turning the accident into a crime! Liam warns Bill it’s over, he’s going to the police. However, Bill warns him that he is not — and orders Liam to never say another word about this to anyone else, ever!

bill hope and liam talk vinny's death bb

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope unleashes her fury on Bill, as Carter and Quinn try to remain normal at the office.

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