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In the cabin, Liam kisses Hope awake in front of the fireplace where they made love. He thinks this feels like a dream, but she assures him it’s very real. “Last night was amazing.” She missed their connection and his touch. They kiss. Liam wants to stay there forever but Hope relays the kids will be there soon and she has a meeting. She’s surprised Bill hasn’t sent him twenty texts by now. Liam’s mind swerves to the hit and run. He muses that they don’t know what the future holds and asks her to promise that no matter what happens, she won’t forget how much he loves her.
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas is on the phone with the authorities and is frustrated they’re not any closer to figuring out who killed Vinny. Ridge comes in as he disconnects and learns Baker has no leads. He promises his son they’ll find whoever mowed down Vinny and they’ll pay for what they’ve done. Ridge feels his visit with Douglas must have cheered him up. Thomas smiles; it did. He describes their evening with ice cream and watching Spongebob. He knows Hope and Liam needed time alone. “If Hope’s happy, I’m happy.” Ridge believes she is. Thomas hopes he’s right.

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Ridge recaps that Thomas has been a good friend to Hope and urges him to stay the course. Thomas smirks, “There it is.” He knows Ridge thinks he’s bothered by Hope being with Liam. Ridge knows how he feels about her. Thomas wants her to be happy, but doesn’t want Liam hurting her again. He exits, saying he appreciates his dad’s concern but needs to take a break.
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In his office, Bill flashes to the accident and cover up of Vinny’s death. Suddenly, Brooke appears. She asks, “Is something wrong?” Bill says he just has a lot going on and questions her visit. Brooke wanted to update him that Liam and Hope had their reunion and were celebrating last night. They agree they have a wonderful future ahead of them. Brooke mentions Hope has found Liam has had a heaviness about him lately. Bill muses he’s sometimes his own worst enemy. Brooke thinks he has a big heart, which is what won Hope back.
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At the cabin, Hope is ready to go and wonders if Liam will go to the office today. He wants to block out the outside world a bit longer. Thomas arrives and reports that Douglas is at his friend’s house. Liam says he could have told them in a text. Thomas explains he did. Hope apologizes for not responding. Thomas makes a speech about wanting the best for them and urges Liam to hold onto Hope tight. Liam says, “I will.” Talk turns to Vinny’s death and life being too short. Thomas relays they’re no closer to finding the monster who killed him. Liam tells Thomas, “I feel terrible about what happened. I’m sorry, Thomas. I’m really sorry.” Thomas thanks him for the sentiment and assures him he didn’t come there to interrupt — they want the same thing; Hope’s happiness and the kids’. Hope tells Thomas they’re there if he needs help. Thomas goes.

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Hope turns to Liam and informs him she knows that something is wrong. He needs to talk to her about it. “What is going on?” Just then, Liam takes a call from Bill, who tells him to pull himself together; Brooke told him Hope’s noticed a heaviness about him. He warns Liam not to tell Hope anything. Liam hangs up on him. Hope wonders if this is still guilt about Steffy. Liam says it’s not about Steffy. Hope urges him to talk to her. Liam’s scared. “Of losing you! I’m scared I’ll be taken away from you and the kids forever!” Hope panics — whatever is going on she needs him to tell her!

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Brooke returns to Forrester, where Ridge teases he didn’t think she could get any prettier. Brooke asks him not to over-react, but she went to see Bill to discuss the children. “He’s been wonderfully supportive.” Ridge scoffs at the idea and responds irritably, “Do you know who has really been supportive? Thomas.” Brooke understands he’s trying. Ridge argues he’s doing more than trying. He’s putting Hope’s needs above his own. Brooke’s just glad all the drama is behind Liam and Hope.
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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Thomas’ visit to Bill doesn’t go as expected.

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