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In the cabin, Hope and Liam revel in being back together. Liam isn’t sure she’s ready yet, but he wants to feel close to her; married to her. “This is healing for me.” Hope doesn’t want to spend another night away from him. Liam asks, “Are you saying…?” Suddenly, they’re kissing passionately and undressing each other as they reconnect intimately. Liam lays Hope down in front of the fireplace as they make love.
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After sex, Liam and Hope marvel at how good it was; Hope thinks they needed that. Liam wants to stay in the moment forever. Hope agrees there’s nowhere better than being in his arms, but never leaving again might be problematic. She’s glad this is where he wants to be, and where he feels safe. Hope feels more secure now and knows he regrets that night. “You’re a good man, Liam.” He thought that was true at one point, but he can’t see it that way anymore. Decisions have consequences. Liam exclaims, “My God if you only knew.” Taken aback, Hope asks, “Knew what?” He shrugs, “Just the guilt I feel, that’s all.” She urges him to put it behind him — how else will they move on with their future together. Liam pleads with her to never forget how he feels about her… even if there’s a day he’s not by her side. He flashes to Bill warning him not to tell Hope what happened to Vinny.
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At Forrester, Brooke shows Ridge a photo of Beth send from Donna by phone. She enthuses about Liam and Hope reconciling. Brooke gets on the line with Donna and arranges to have her drop Beth off at her place so she can have some granddaughter time. After disconnecting, Brooke and Ridge chuckle that Donna will be able to dance the night away at the club while Liam and Hope still get their alone time. Ridge warns Brooke not to get her hopes up about Hope and Liam… she may not be ready. Brooke just wants her to be happy and knows how much they care about each other. Ridge teases her briefly before admitting he has a good feeling about them. Brooke recaps that what Liam did was horrible but tonight is a time of rebuilding.

At Spencer Publications, Wyatt calls Bill out for having something bothering him. It’s not work; he only gets this stressed out when someone he loves is in jeopardy. It has to be something serious. Wyatt’s convinced it has to do with the family… someone’s in trouble or sick. Bill coughs; “Yeah it’s me.” Wyatt scoffs and hollers at Bill to tell him why he’s been so edgy lately… especially around Liam. “Is something wrong with my brother?!”
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Wyatt warns his father he should just tell him — whatever he makes up in his mind will be much worse. Bill concedes Liam’s going through a hard time because he can’t get over what he did. Wyatt doesn’t understand why he’s still freaking out… everything turned out fine. Bill intones, “It will. I’ll make sure of it.” Wyatt wonders what he means. Bill will get him to the point where he puts everything behind him. He assures Wyatt the tension and anxiety will dissipate. He vows Liam will move on and forget about what happened. Wyatt knows he’ll help his brother and softens toward Bill. “I love you, Dad.” Bill will do whatever it takes to protect his sons.

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Once alone, Bill flashes through the events of the night Vinny died and agonizes as he recalls Liam unraveling with guilt.

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