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At Forrester Creations, Brooke questions Hope about how things are going with Liam. Hope says the kids are overjoyed — every dinner is like a little celebration. He’s been attentive and kind with her, but total forgiveness will be a process… for both of them. She reveals Liam is struggling — that night is still haunting him.
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Later, Ridge joins Brooke, who says Hope just left. She recaps that what Liam did was horrible but she never doubted their love for each other. Ridge questions if Hope has forgiven him. Brooke knows she’s committed to their family; it’s really beautiful to see. Ridge thinks it would be great if they could reset, but muses that it’s kind of like Liam is running uphill with his shoes tied together.
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Brooke declares that Hope and Liam need each other and tonight could be the night they truly reunite. She explains Donna has Beth and Douglas is staying the night with Thomas so they can reconnect as a couple. She recalls the days when they couldn’t get out of bed. She wants that for Hope and Liam too. Brooke knows Liam’s committed to making it work this time — for good. They debate how Liam’s surprise will go over with Hope. Brooke thinks it’s the final step of their reconciliation.

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In the cabin, Liam takes a call from Bill and says it’s not a good time. Bill asks, “Is Baker there?” Liam’s just planning a dinner for Hope. Bill urges him to forget about Baker and focus on his wife. Liam still feels guilty about Vinny’s death. Bill reminds him he can’t tell anyone what happened that night. “You can’t tell Hope.” Liam disconnects.

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Hope arrives at home to a romantic dinner planned by Liam, who is in a suit and tie and pours wine. Tonight is just about them. Hope clinks her glass against his and smiles; “Sounds like a plan to me.” They slow dance as Liam tells her he’s prepared her favorite Italian meal and promises they’ll have more good memories to cherish. He was lost without her. “I love you, and I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Over dinner, Hope tells Liam everything is perfect; it means a lot. Liam wants every moment they’re together to feel like this. Hope doesn’t want him to feel he has to keep proving himself; they have the rest of their lives for these special times. Liam prays she’s right.

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After dinner, they move to the sofa, where Liam ruminates about making the most of his second chance. He only wants to bring good things to her life. Hope assures him they’re in this together. Liam tells her he’s missed her so much. She’s missed him too. They kiss and Liam says being with her feels right. “Everything feels right.” They kiss deeply.

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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt enters Bill’s office to find him hollering at someone on the phone before slamming the it down. Bill yells, “What do you want, Wyatt?!” Wyatt notes his testy mood isn’t getting any better — even his denial that he’s testy is testy! He’s truly getting concerned. Wyatt won’t leave until he gets some answers. Bill has things on his mind that don’t concern him. Wyatt retorts, “Not good enough.”
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Bill warns he’s losing his patience. Wyatt asks if it’s about Will or Katie. Bill says he hasn’t given up on that. Wyatt asks what it is then, if it’s not Katie? He recalls Bill’s argument with Liam and wonders if that’s it. Bill warns Wyatt about badgering him, which won’t make anything better. He alludes to being frustrated. Wyatt asks if it’s Liam who is causing this frustration or just him. Bill doesn’t always express it properly but he loves his sons. “Nothing is more important than my boys.”

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