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In Forrester’s main office, Shauna insists Quinn had no idea about her and Carter. Zoe asks, “It’s not serious?” Carter replies, “Definitely not.” They’re sorry she had to find out this way. Zoe admit she thought the jacket was Quinn’s, and that she could be the woman in Carter’s life. Quinn gapes as Zoe goes on about how she’s too good of a friend and asks, “You couldn’t do that to me, could you, Quinn?” Zoe can’t imagine if it were Quinn, her confidant and Eric’s wife — that would be unforgivable. Quinn frowns, “Yes!” She decides to leave with Shauna and leave Zoe and Carter to talk.
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In the corridor, Quinn asks Shauna, “What are you doing?” Shauna’s protecting her. Quinn states she’s lying for her and agonizes about cheating on her husband. Shauna won’t let her lose Eric. They both hate the lie, but think Zoe bought it. Quinn embraces her friend. Shauna informs her she can thank her by going home and recommitting to her husband.

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In the studio, Zende’s surprised to hear there’s another woman in Carter’s life. Paris sighs; Zoe’s really upset. Zende’s stunned to learn she caught them together. Zende wonders if she actually walked in on Carter and his new woman in the act. Paris clarifies that Zoe didn’t see who it was but it was clear he wasn’t alone. Zende puzzles over Carter having a hook-up. Paris reveals that it made her sister emotional. Some people may say she had this coming, but Paris believes she deserves happiness. Zende marvels at her compassion for Zoe after all the things she did to her. Paris is letting go of that; her sister will always have her support. Zende believes Carter still loves Zoe, and if he’s wrong, they’ll be there to help her through it.

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In the main office, Zoe’s glad she has all the facts now, but didn’t expect Carter to be with someone else so soon. “Especially Shauna…” Carter doesn’t want to talk about Shauna; she means nothing to him. He feels terrible about hurting her. Zoe mentions Zende and Carter cuts her off. She made mistakes; they all have. He’s made big ones. Puzzled, Zoe asks what he’s talking about. Carter has a mini panic attack before gathering himself, only to break down stammering that he’s good and he has to be true to himself and to who he is. He realizes, “I’m the best version of myself when I’m with you.” Zoe’s thrilled to hear he wants their future. He adds that he wants to be loyal to Eric, and says they can get married and move past all of the things they’ve done. Zoe, in disbelief, asks if he’s ready to give her a chance. Carter is, if she’s ready to give him a chance. Zoe blurts, “Of course!” They wind up in each other’s arms.
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Quinn arrives at home to find Eric looking up at her portrait. It makes her heart full to see him admiring it. She’s proud to be up there; to be his wife. Quinn know she’s let him down. Eric has been thinking about their marriage — they shouldn’t be together; they’re incompatible. He can’t believe they’ve lasted this long… and yet they have. Eric sighs. He hasn’t been fair to her. Quinn gasps, “No. Eric it’s me who hasn’t been fair to you.” He becomes emotional as he apologizes for making her feel undesirable. Quinn cracks, “I’m sorry too!” She cries as she falls into his arms and tells him how much this means to her. His kindness and affection means everything to her. She vows not to give into her impulses again and pleads with him to never give up on them. “You’re the love of my life. You’re the only man for me, Eric Forrester. You and only you.” They embrace.
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In the design studio, Paris recaps to Zende that the million dollar question is “who is the new woman in Carter’s life?”

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In the main office, Carter takes a call from Quinn, who reports she and Eric are back together. He reveals he and Zoe are too. They thank God for Shauna and vow to take their secret to their graves.

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