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At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Ridge join Eric in the living room. They learn Quinn was gone when he woke up this morning. Brooke worries about her hurting Eric more than she already has. Eric corrects that he’s the one hurting her. He has to fix it. Talk turns to Zoe. Eric is concerned about her after she learned Carter is seeing someone else. Brooke alludes to some relationships being worth saving… and other’s not so much. Ridge is exasperated. Eric keeps it about Zoe; he’s not sure how he’ll move on from this. Ridge wants to change the subject, so Eric switches to couples who don’t have problems. Brooke grabs Ridge and coos, “I can think of one.” Eric marvels at how they’ve overcome so many obstacles.

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When the conversation inevitably goes back to Zoe and Carter, Ridge protests that his friend didn’t promise Zoe anything; he didn’t lead her on. They wonder who he was with. Brooke has an idea who it could be — the hot new model they hired, Shea. Ridge sighs; she’s engaged. He just hopes the new woman doesn’t come with a bunch of drama; it’s the last thing they need right now. Brooke pivots back to Quinn, and tells Eric every time she sees her portrait on the wall she feels it’s wrong. She’s not sure Quinn is as committed to him as he’d like to believe. Eric knows she has her faults, but she’s always been faithful to him.

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In Forrester Creations’ studio, Zoe paces and sniffles to Paris about being blindsided. Paris struggles to get the details, but finally learns that she found Carter with another woman. She didn’t see anything, but she might as well have. She describes using the key Carter gave her to let herself in and making her way up the stairs, where she entered the bedroom. It was really dark but she could tell someone was in the bed. Paris asks, “Carter?” Zoe nods. At first she thought he was sick, but then she noticed women’s clothing on the floor. Her heart broke. Paris asks if it’s someone she knows. Zoe didn’t see her. Paris offers to go to Carter, but Zoe has decided she was fooling herself. She needs to talk to Quinn and tell her that her worst nightmare has come true.
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Quinn pulls Shauna into the main office where they can’t be overheard, locks the door, and whispers, “We almost got caught.” Perplexed, Shauna asks, “Who?” Quinn explains she and Carter came ‘thisclose’ to being caught together. Shauna’s eyes pop out of her head as she asks how Quinn going over there ended up with them in bed together. Quinn protests that things just happened, and then, just before they were about to ‘do the deed’ they were interrupted… by Zoe. Shauna’s jaw drops; “I don’t know if I’ll be able to help you with this Quinn.”
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Shauna’s relieved to hear that Zoe didn’t see Quinn, only her clothes. Just then, Carter knocks on the office door. Quinn reports she hasn’t seen Zoe this morning. Carter feels terrible. Quinn says they have to fix this. She believes Carter can say it was a mistake and give Zoe another chance. She’ll go back to Eric, but they must never slip up again! Shauna reminds them they can’t keep saying, “It can never happen again,” and keep doing it. Carter and Quinn express their guilt.
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Shauna thinks it’s pointless to beat themselves up about it — neither of them wanted it to happen and they were both vulnerable. Just then, Quinn realizes her jacket was on the floor when Zoe was in the bedroom — if she sees it, she’ll realize Quinn was the woman! Carter panics, “You’ve got to get rid of that right now.” Before Quinn can react, Zoe walks in.
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Quinn slides the jacket out of sight on a chair as Zoe presumes Shauna is in the loop. Quinn talks up how terrible Carter feels, and Zoe laments losing her chance at true happiness. Quinn promises the other woman means nothing to Carter. Zoe asks, “Do you know who she is?” Quinn only knows he still cares about her. Zoe thanks her for being such a faithful friend. As she describes the horrific feeling of seeing the other woman’s clothes all over the floor, she spots Quinn’s jacket. Everyone is momentarily horror struck. Suddenly, Shauna walks over and grabs the jacket, saying she should go. Zoe exclaims, “Wait! Is that your jacket?!” She wants to know if Shauna was the woman with Carter.

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