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At Carter’s loft, he sits up in bed abruptly as Zoe enters the room calling his name. Zoe exclaims, “Oh my God!” She asks if he’s not feeling well; is that why he’s in bed. Quinn is hiding under the bed as Zoe enters. As she talks she notices the clothing strewn around the room and gawps, “Oh my God, is there another woman in here?!” Carter wants to discuss this downstairs.
Carter bed B&B

Zoe wonders if she’s there and starts looking around. She rants; what kind of woman moves in on a man like this and cries about him moving on. “To know what you’ve already slept with another woman so soon… that breaks my heart, Carter.” Under the bed, Quinn grimaces. Zoe sniffs that she’s been trying so hard and he invited someone into his bed. She wonders if he loves this woman. Carter denies it; he never stopped loving Zoe. She’s horrified and humiliated knowing the other woman is hiding and listening. She asks, “Do you care about me, Carter?” He doesn’t answer. Zoe walks out.
Zoe upset Carter loft B&B

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Downstairs at the loft, Zoe grabs her purse and leaves, pausing outside the door to cry.

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In the bedroom, Quinn emerges from under the bed and she and Carter look at each other with dismay.

At Forrester Creations, Brooke and Eric agree it’s good that Hope and Liam are back together. Brooke says they want Eric’s happiness too. Ridge questions where she’s going with this. Eric assumes she means as long as he’s with Quinn he won’t be happy. Brooke begins, “I don’t want to overstep…” Eric interrupts to ask, “Since when?” He understands she has issues with Quinn and she has every right to, but he feels he has to do better with his wife. Eric relays that Quinn wants intimacy and he’s not giving it to her… it’s something she misses very, very much.
Brooke discusses Quinn with Eric B&B

Brooke knows how disillusioned Eric’s been. She realizes he forgave her but she’s manipulated so much. Brooke theorizes that Quinn got bored and decided to do everything she could to undermine her marriage. Eric confirms that hurt him. Ridge asks why he let her back in the house. Eric thought it was time. He concludes that he needs to marriage what it should be. Brooke opines, “Or maybe you need to listen to what your gut is telling you.” She feels his instincts are telling him Quinn cannot be trusted. Eric appreciates that Brooke wants what’s best for him. Ridge reminds her to let Eric make his own decisions. Brooke will support whatever decision he makes. Eric needs to give Quinn a fair chance. He’s married to a vibrant woman with needs, and he’s her husband; he should be the one to fill those needs. Brooke assures him she and Ridge will be there for him if Quinn lets him down again. Eric doubts she’ll do anything else to jeopardize their marriage.

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In Carter’s living room, he and Quinn agree it was terrible to hear the pain in Zoe’s voice. She sighs; maybe it was what he needed to realize he hasn’t moved on. Quinn believes he still wants a life with her — she still wants a life with Eric. They knew this wasn’t going anywhere. Quinn exclaims, “What was I thinking?” Carter can’t believe he did it either. They’re relieved that Zoe didn’t know it was her and assures him that Shauna will never say anything to anyone. Quinn tells Carter they need to be grateful for the connection they made, but know it can never happen again. “No one can ever know about this.”
Quinn, Carter close call B&B

Zoe enters Forrester’s main office crying. Ridge, Eric, and Brooke are stunned to hear that she found Carter in bed with another woman!

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Next on The Bold and the Beautiful: Shauna makes a bold move to protect Quinn.

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