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In the Forrester living room, Quinn tries to turn the focus to Eric’s business trip but he reminds her he overheard her — he wants to know what happened while he was gone. Quinn flashes to sex with Carter. As Quinn stammers, Shauna jumps in to say they were actually talking about the one night Quinn really regrets — when they conspired to undermine Brooke and Ridge’s marriage. She urges Eric not to give up on his marriage; Quinn is devoted to him. Quinn thanks Shauna and carries on the theme; they can’t let that one night destroy what they have. She wants to spend every day of the rest of her life proving her commitment to him and the life they’ve created.
Eric presses for answer

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Eric speaks to Shauna alone, he thinks his wife is lucky to have Shauna as a friend and chuckles that the two of them must have been quite a pair back in the day. Shauna admits Quinn opened up to her about their troubles and assures him he’s the only one who matters to her. Talk turns to the distance between Quinn and Eric. He admits it’s been going on for quite some time and he doesn’t see any hope for improvement. Shauna appeals that Quinn is longing to be close to him again. Eric loves her but can’t look at her the same way; he’s afraid he’ll never be able to forgive her betrayal, and worse, he think it’s only a matter of time before she betrays him again.

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In Forrester’s design office, Zoe goes on about how proud she is to call Quinn a friend. She was so hoping that she’d have a positive impact on Carter. Zoe marvels at how amazing and honest has been with her, and expresses again that she’d like to get back together. Paris enters and is about to leave, but Carter insists she stay, and rushes out the door despite Zoe’s protests.
Carter listens Zoe B&B

Paris apologizes to Zoe for interrupting and reassures her that Carter’s heart is with her. She asks about Quinn, and Zoe is confident she gave it her all. They go over the situation some more and Zoe reiterates that she really believes Quinn has her back; she’s grateful to have her in her life. They have a lot in common — they’ve both made poor choices and hurt the men they love.

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In Forrester Creations main office, Brooke and Flo discuss Hope and Liam’s reunion. Flo says she and Wyatt have been rooting for them. Talk turns to Quinn, and Brooke muses that the troublemaker has been dragging Eric down since day one. Flo knows she really loves him and is sorry to hear they’re having trouble. Carter listens in the doorway as Brooke scoffs that she never really trusted Quinn, especially as Eric’s wife. He joins the fray and admits he heard them talking. He’d never downplay what happened to Brooke and Ridge’s marriage, but he can’t help but think Quinn is misunderstood sometimes. Brooke’s mystified by this take and trashes Quinn some more. Carter insists that Quinn cares about Eric very much. Brooke is surprised to hear Carter defending her. Carter explains they’ve gotten to know each other better and regret what they’ve done.
Brooke mystified B&B

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Quinn arrives at Carter’s loft and breaks the news that Shauna knows about them. He exclaims, “How did this happen?!” Quinn doesn’t keep things from her and explains she’s her ride or die. She goes on to describe how Shauna actually saved her bacon when Eric came home in the middle of their conversation. Quinn vows the secret will stay between them. Carter urges her not to give up on her marriage, but Quinn worries they’ll never get the intimacy back. Carter assures her she’s an amazing woman. They start talking about how what happened can never happen again and move in close. Quinn has to get back to Eric and begins to back away, but Carter follows. He says, “We shouldn’t,” she replies, “We can’t,” and then they do. Quinn and Carter kiss passionately as they give in to their feelings.
Quinn, Carter kiss B&B

In the Forrester office, Brooke notes that Quinn hasn’t come back yet and muses, “I wonder where she could be?”

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