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In the cabin, Hope’s stunned as Liam has a panic attack while watching Vinny’s memorial tribute. Hope tells him, “Liam. There is something going on with you, and I think I know what it is.” Liam looks worried. Hope knows he’s a good person and doesn’t like to see harm come to anyone, but Vinny switched the paternity results, so it’s okay if he just can’t forgive and forget. Liam says she’s right, but the person he can’t forgive is himself.

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Hope doesn’t want to lose any more time and pleads with Liam to leave the guilt in the past. Liam wants to; she has no idea how much he wants to. Hope stresses they need to embrace the future. She hasn’t totally forgiven him but she believes that day will come and needs him to believe it too. He should stop feeling guilty. They need to put that night in the past. As they embrace, Liam reminds himself repeatedly that he’s blessed, but he once again flashes to the accident.
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At Forrester, Thomas fumes to Ridge that the nameless, faceless bastard who killed Vinny should rot in hell! Ridge hates this too. Thomas feels his friend could have done his time and turned his life around, but now he’ll never get the chance thanks to whoever was behind that wheel. Just then, Deputy Baker enters; he has difficult questions he needs Thomas to answer. Thomas wants to help however he can. Baker snarks, “So you say.” Ridge is irritated — does he not believe his son? Baker starts in about Vinny betraying Thomas and Ridge interrupts to inform the deputy chief he’s wasting his time and should focus on finding the killer. Baker brings up the physical confrontation between Thomas, Finn, and Vinny in the lab. Thomas admits punches were thrown but that’s a far cry from killing someone. Ridge, furious, informs Baker that Thomas and Vinny were childhood friends and his insinuation is ridiculous. Thomas repeats that what Vinny did was cruel but it shouldn’t have sentenced him to death. He barks at Baker, “Tell me you have a lead!”
Deputy Baker grills Thomas B&B

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In the design office, Zoe wonders to Paris what could be keeping Quinn so busy that she can’t even call?! Zoe begins to worry that Carter might be seeing another woman, but Paris assures her he’s not the type of guy to just jump into bed with someone.
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In Carter’s bed, Quinn rolls away from his kisses and moans, “We can’t keep doing this.” She insists she’s going to exercise restraint and he teases that something tells him she’s not very good at it. Quinn muses it’s cost her a lot over the years. She strokes his face and adds, “It’s going to cost us a lot too unless we stop.” Carter agrees; she belongs with Eric. Quinn sighs; “And you belong with Zoe.” She recaps that her husband stopped touching her and holding her… being the man Carter’s been for her. They both needed this but agree it can never happen again. Quinn ponders if Brooke’s negativity finally got to Eric, though it wouldn’t justify what they did. Carter understands why she feels guilty, and he feels it too, but they all need connection and intimacy. He concedes they should have fought harder, but it didn’t feel wrong. “It doesn’t feel wrong.” Quinn shakes her head; “No. It was beautiful. It was incredible. And you are incredible.” She understands why Zoe misses him so much, and states it would be wrong to continue. “It was an amazing time but it’s over. “We can’t tell anyone; it has to be our secret.”
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Quinn cautiously enters the design office where Zoe is working. Zoe spots her and wants to know why she hasn’t been taking her calls — where has she been all morning? She then decides Quinn can tell her that later; she just wants to know if she made it over to Carter’s last night. Zoe wants to hear about everything that happened. Quinn hesitates, “Uhhh…” Zoe interrupts again. She just wants to thank Quinn for being such a good friend and goes on about her having the magic touch. “My future with Carter rests in your hands.” Quinn stammers, “I don’t know about that.” She flashes to sex with the COO as Zoe ruminates about how he made love; he’s everything a woman could want. “You probably feel that way about Eric, right?” Quinn stares at her.
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