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At the cabin, Hope comes inside from Beth getting picked up and reports to Liam that she told the whole car pool her daddy is home. She asks if he has any regrets. Liam is ready for their future and recaps how lost he’s been lately. His dad tried to help him but it’s better there — he’s better there. Spending the rest of their lives side-by-side sounds perfect.
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At Forrester Creations, Douglas admires Thomas’ sketch and thinks mommy will like it too. Thomas asks how it went with Liam moving back in. Douglas reports it went great and assures his dad they will always be a family. Ridge enters and muses, “Wise words, Douglas.” Thomas thinks the more people in his son’s life who love him, the better. They’re all in this together. Talk turns to heaven and Douglas wonders if his first mommy will meet his daddy’s friend up there. Thomas and Ridge think Caroline will find Vinny and show him around; angels always help others. Thomas misses them both a lot. It reminds him they need to cherish the people they love as he does Douglas. The boy adds, “And mommy?” Thomas confirms it.
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Later, Thomas tells Ridge that Vinny didn’t deserve this and Ridge urges him to focus on the good times. Thomas decides to send his Vinny tribute video out to people who knew him. He hopes the bastard who ran him down sees it.
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In the design office, Zoe hasn’t spoken to Quinn and wonders if Paris knows where she could be. Paris has no idea where Quinn is. Zoe really needs to talk to her about Carter and curses; “Where could she be?” Paris is puzzled that Quinn went to see Carter on her behalf and didn’t call her after. She offers to contact Quinn, but Zoe decides she’ll text her; she’s dying to know what happened last night.
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In the loft, Quinn awakens to find Carter watching her and smiling. She wonders if it’s possible he gained more muscle overnight. He chuckles about the cardio workout. They agree last night was incredible. Quinn sighs; “I needed that — to be desired.” Carter concurs. “We both did.” They stroke each other and talk about how much it meant to be touched. Quinn tells Carter he’s amazing and he returns the sentiment.
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A phone beeps and Quinn reports it’s Zoe asking her if she saw Carter last night; “Did you take care of him for me?” She groans, “What have we done?!” Reality hits as she realizes she cheated on her husband. They go over how they’re not cheaters and it’s not like they planned it. Quinn states as wonderful as last night was it can never happen again. Carter muses, “It was though, wasn’t it? It was wonderful.” Quinn marvels that she came by to help Zoe and ended up in Carter’s bed. Carter worries that Eric’s been like a father to him. He assures her their marriage will get back on track. Quinn urges Carter to take Zoe back so this doesn’t come out. “Nobody can know what happened between us.” Carter nods. “Only we’ll know.” Quinn announces she’s going to take a cold shower but Carter places his hand on her bare back and they start having sex.
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Back in the design office, Zoe tells Paris that Quinn may be avoiding her.
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In the cabin, Liam’s dismayed to see Hope dressed to go into the office and coaxes her to stay home with him. Hope can delay, but has to check emails. Once on the laptop she stops short. Liam asks, “What is it?” She replies, “It’s about Vinny.” Hope explains it’s a tribute video and wants to watch it. Liam agrees. As he watches over her shoulder, Liam begins to spin out as he flashes to Vinny dying on the roadside and Ghost Vinny’s visit. Hope is stunned when the video ends and she turns around to find Liam nearly hyperventilating but trying to cover it up. Stunned, she asks, “What’s wrong?!”

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