Carter, Quinn close B&B
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At the cabin, Hope teases Liam about being so happy to be back he’s picking up toys. Liam wants to wrap himself up in this feeling and block everything else out. Hope tells Liam how much she’s missed him. Liam missed them too and vows to be the husband and father his family deserves. Later, Hope asks Liam to sit and talk. He told her something was wrong and wants him to be honest. Liam explains the last few weeks have been the worst of his life, but being there with her and kids is his lifeline. Hope assures him, “We’re not going anywhere, Liam. And neither are you.” They turn out the lights and Liam tells Hope he feels he can breathe again. He can’t let anything derails this. Hope pulls him into a kiss; “Nothing is going to come between us ever again.” They embrace.
Hope, Liam embrace B&B

At Forrester Creations, Thomas wraps up a photo tribute to Vinny and Ridge tells him how wonderful it was. Thomas tears up in sadness and anger over how his friend died. Brooke enters and asks if there’s been news in Vinny’s case. Thomas says there hasn’t, and adds he plans to stop by and show Hope the tribute. Brooke blurts, “No. Don’t.” She explains Liam is there and has moved back in. Thomas understands that true love is wanting the best for the other person — if Hope wants to be with Liam, then he wants that for her. Brooke predicts this is the beginning of a much brighter future for them.
Thomas tears B&B

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In the design office, Paris wants to go to bat for Zoe with Carter, but she tells her it’s fine — Quinn’s on it. Paris points out she hasn’t gotten anywhere. Zoe thinks that could change tonight. Paris persists. Zoe knows Quinn isn’t everyone’s favorite person, but Carter respects her. She won’t hold her mistakes against her, especially when she’s trying to get Carter to look past hers. Paris isn’t sure Quinn’s the most reliable. Zoe believes Quinn can be really persuasive and notes her future lies in her hands right now. Paris reminds her sister she has a habit of trusting the wrong people. Zoe argues that Quinn knows how important this is to her.

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At the loft, Quinn tells Carter he doesn’t have to be lonely. He replies, “Neither do you.” Carter doesn’t want to be anyone’s second choice, but he can’t deny he’s still drawn to Zoe. He sees her and still wants to make love to her. Carter chuckles, “It’s been a really long time.” Quinn understands; it’s been a really long time since she felt wanted. They talk about thinking Zoe and Eric were their ‘be all, end all’. Quinn sighs, “It’s like we’re strangers.” She says when she reaches out to touch him he actually recoils; she’s starving for his affection. “Sometimes I just want to be held.” They can’t believe they’re talking to each other like this.
Carter close Quinn B&B

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Quinn isn’t sure whether she and Eric will prevail, but thinks it’s different for Carter and Zoe. Carter doesn’t want to chase anyone; he wants someone who truly wants him, with whom he has a visceral connection. Quinn gets it and recalls how Eric’s love gave her confidence and made her feel sexy… she just wants to feel that again. Carter moves in close. Their faces are only inches apart as he searches Quinn’s face. She undoes the buttons on his shirt and he slowly reaches for hers. As Quinn whispers, “We can’t…” they begin to kiss and undress. Carter leads her to the sofa, then takes her up against the wall, and finally on the floor in front of the fireplace.
Carter, Quinn make love B&B

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