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At Spencer Publications, Liam feels he’s getting his life back. Bill’s happy he’s going back home, but warns he has to hide his shame and guilt and keep this secret. They recap how Liam felt watching Vinny die, and how he’s tortured himself every day since. Liam is in the middle of a reply when Wyatt walks in, so he abruptly stops talking. Wyatt asks what’s going on. Bill chides that he was just giving Liam a hard time about packing up and leaving him. Wyatt’s pleased to hear his brother is moving back in with Hope.

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Liam leaves, and Wyatt questions Bill as to why he doesn’t seem happy. Bill replies, “I have my concerns.” He mutters about Liam keeping his eye on the prize and not jeopardizing his future. Wyatt notes he’s extra intense today. He came to ask him to borrow his nice car to take Flo up the coast. Bill barks that he can’t have it. When Wyatt protests, Bill interjects, “It’s gone!” Wyatt’s aghast to hear his father sold the car he vowed never to sell. Bill reminds him he’s Dollar Bill — the sheik made a good offer. Once Wyatt leaves, Bill flashes to the night of the accident and grimaces.
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At the cabin, Hope tells her mother she is ready to put the issues behind them and move on and she knows Liam is too. They discuss Bill being protective of his son. Brooke says Bill would do anything for Liam. She counsels Hope not to let that one awful night turn her and Liam’s lives upside-down. Hope reminds her Liam wouldn’t be coming home if she wasn’t ready. Brooke tells her not to let the past determine her future. Liam arrives and agrees with Brooke. Being home with Hope and the kids is the light at the end of a very dark tunnel.
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After Brooke leaves, Liam jokes that he’s never leaving and adds, “I can’t tell you what it means for me to be here right now.” Hope wants to focus on the happy memories they’ll make. Liam doesn’t want to think about anything but that. He admires the leap of faith she’s taking and assures her he’ll prove he’s worthy of her trust and love. Hope will still be working through it, but this is the first step ahead to their future. “Nothing and no one will take that from us again.” Liam looks worried as they embrace.

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In Forrester’s design office, Paris hopes everything works out for Zoe and Carter, but she wonders why her sister’s putting all her faith in Quinn. Zoe says Quinn has been a Godsend for her and asks if Paris doesn’t trust her. Paris has heard some of the stories and questions if it’s a good idea for Zoe to get involved with her. Zoe wants Quinn to plead her case to Carter; that’s why she sent her over there. Paris worries she’ll take it too far and make things worse. Zoe argues Quinn has been a great friend to her. Paris wonders if she can really trust her.
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At Carter’s loft, Quinn tells him Zoe asked her to come and talk to him again on her behalf. Carter’s not sure he could ever trust her again. Quinn appeals to him to understand that Zoe is young and had never experienced a man loving her as he did. Carter scoffs — she made a move on Zende! He tells Quinn he doesn’t want to discuss Zoe and instead wants to talk about her. Quinn doesn’t want to vent about Eric and sound ungrateful. Her point in being there is to help him reconnect with Zoe. Carter assures Quinn her issues are important; he gets the feeling Zoe wasn’t her only reason for coming by. Quinn tells him he’s sweet, and is a great listener. Carter shrugs; he understands relationships can be complicated. Quinn says she’s just so used to everyone siding with Eric. Carter laughs; he can be objective. She thinks that’s his legal mind. He jokes about his buttoned-up side and she counters she’s seen him unbuttoned a lot lately. Carter thinks they understand each other. He tells Quinn she’s beautiful and mischievous; it’s very sexy. Eric would be a fool to let her go.

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