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At Spencer Publications, Baker grills Liam about how angry he must have been about the paternity switch and asks, “Did you do it, Liam? Did you kill Vincent Walker?” Bill exclaims that his son is innocent as Liam remains silent. Baker demands of Liam, “Is that true?” He wants him to confirm he had nothing to do with Vinny’s death. Bill takes over the questioning and asks if Liam got in his car and hunted Vinny down. Liam says, “No.” Bill asks if he wanted Vinny dead. Liam again answers, “No.” Baker takes in the scene and tells them to contact him if they think of anything that might help the investigation.
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After Baker’s gone, a freaked out Liam mutters to Bill, “He’ll be back. You know he will.” Bill warns Liam not to let Baker get in his head. Liam stammers that Hope wants him home but he can’t go back to being who he was. Bill intones that being with Steffy was a mistake but the other was an accident. He urges him to pick up the pieces and go on. “You can do it, Liam.” He warns his son that he can’t crack. Liam knows he’s right; he can’t bring that darkness into the home where his children live or let Hope get suspicious. “I just hope nothing takes them away from me permanently.”

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In the cabin, Hope tells Brooke it’s best to have her family under one roof even though she and Liam still have issues to work out. Brooke’s confident they’ll end up stronger than ever. Hope agrees and is excited about their future together. They go over the challenge Hope faced in forgiving Liam. Hope wants to put it all behind them and hopes Liam feels the same. Talk turns to Bill being supportive, and Brooke muses there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his sons.
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When Hope mentions Beth was missing Liam, her mother asks if Thomas has been around. Hope confirms that he has been… because she asked him to. Brooke wouldn’t want to see him take advantage. Hope muses how different their life might be if no one had discovered the truth about the paternity test. She hates what Vinny did but he didn’t deserve to die. She wonders what kind of person leaves someone at the side of the road to die? Brooke urges Hope to focus on her rosy future with her family back together.
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Carter enters the office at Forrester looking for Eric. Quinn tells him, “He left.” Carter notices her demeanor and asks if she’s okay. Her silence prompts him to add, “What happened?” Quinn can’t keep dumping her personal problems on him. Carter reminds her they’re becoming friends. She tells him she’s scared she’ll never be close to her husband again. Quinn can’t believe she thought keeping Ridge with Shauna was worth risking her marriage. She admits she got the feeling the other night that intimacy with Eric was a thing of the past.

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In the design office, Zoe asks if Paris is busy. She’s always up for a visit from her favorite sister. They giggle. Talk turns to Carter and Paris lets Zoe know that she and Quinn have lobbied on her behalf. Paris thinks Zoe sabotaged her relationship with Carter because she didn’t believe she deserved him. She blames their father, but hopes things will turn around with Quinn on her side.
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Zoe finds Quinn alone in the main office — she just saw Carter leave and wonders if they talked about her. Quinn snaps that she wasn’t the main topic of conversation. Zoe doesn’t mean to be pushy, she just misses him. Quinn gets it. Zoe asks her to please try talking to Carter again; he probably went home. “You are really my last hope.”

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Back in the design office, Zoe is pacing when Paris enters. Zoe relays she pretty much had to beg Quinn to stand up for here again, but she should be with Carter now.

A shirtless Carter answers his loft door to Quinn, who hopes he doesn’t mind her stopping by again. She comments on him being in a state of undress yet again and lets him know she isn’t complaining!
Quinn smile Carter's loft B&B

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