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At the cabin, Hope decides to call Liam and invite him over. Brooke enters during the phone call. Hope tells Liam if he doesn’t come over she’ll be even more worried than she already is, so he agrees. After she disconnects, her mother muses that didn’t sound good. Hope explains Liam’s been reluctant to come over. Brooke agrees that doesn’t sound like him. Hope reveals he’s been down on himself and his whole demeanor has changed. She thinks it’s more than their split.
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At Bill’s place, he coaches Liam that he’ll soon have to pull himself together and go back to the office as he is about to do. Liam snarks that it’s easier said than done when you’ve killed someone. Bill insists he find a way to act normal or he’ll put his ass on a plane out of there. Liam reveals Hope asked him to stop by. Bill urges that he can’t fix what happened that night but he can fix his relationship. He warns Liam not to let that loser take his family from him.
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At the police station, Detective Sanchez wonders if Deputy Baker thinks Vincent Walker’s death is more than just a hit-and-run. Baker ponders Vinny being a drug dealer, but also wonders if his death may tie into the paternity switch. Sanchez considers that missing phone and wallet and feels it may have been a robbery. Baker replies, “Or made to look like one.” He figures someone knows more than they’re saying and sooner or later it will come out.
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Sanchez can’t see someone wanting to kill Vinny for the paternity test and decides to focus on the drug dealing. Baker still wants to pursue the other angle and question Dr. John Finnegan, Liam Spencer, and Bill Spencer. They debate about how angry Finn and Thomas would have been about Vinny changing the paternity test. Sanchez points out it hurt Liam Spencer more than anyone. He understands Baker wanting to talk to these guys but doesn’t see them wanting to kill Vinny.

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At Spencer Publications, Bill explains to Justin by phone that he sold his car to a sheik, as Katie enters. She notes he’s been out of touch lately. Bill’s apologetic; he’s had a lot going on. Katie asks if it has to do with Liam and wonders if he’s under the weather. Bill explains he’s taking personal time. Katie can only imagine how difficult a time this is for him right now and feels Liam and Hope will have to work this out on their own. Bill hopes he will open his eyes and sees the future they had planned. He knows what it’s like to miss the woman you love and let’s Katie knows she is always on his mind.
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In the cabin, Brooke reflects that Hope and Liam have a special bond; she was hoping the separation would be over right now. Hope wasn’t sure they had a future but now that he’s struggling, she wants to be there for him. Brooke leaves when Liam arrives.

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Hope is glad to see Liam but questions his reluctance to be there. Liam doesn’t want the things he’s done to follow him into their home. Looking around, he decides maybe this is just what he’s needed. Hope tells him the kids miss him. As he apologizes again, Hope interjects, “Liam. I know there’s something wrong.” She doesn’t know how to help, but misses him. Liam marvels how one night can change everything. Hope needed space to figure out what matters to her — their marriage and their life together matters to her. Liam learns she’s forgiving him and they both cry as she asks him to come home. They embrace, and then kiss.

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