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At Forrester Creations, Hope pleads with Liam to talk to her — she can see he’s struggling and wants to help. She won’t judge. Liam looks around, with tears in his eyes, and begins to tell Hope about something big that happened — not involving Steffy — something bigger. Bill appears and claims to need Liam elsewhere. Hope asks Bill to wait, Liam was just about to tell her something important. Bill urges Liam to tell Hope what’s on his mind. Liam says to Hope he thought he was a better person… Bill jumps in on Liam’s statement as if Liam’s problems have to do with what he did to Hope. He promises Hope he’ll help his son get through this then urges Liam out of the office, as Hope invites him to stop by the house soon — the kids miss him.

Bill stops liam from saying anything to hope bb

Later, Thomas arrives to discuss designs. Hope looks at the sketch and compliments it then agrees when Thomas asks to stop by and see the kids — especially since she has no idea when Liam will see them next. She admits how distant Liam has been, but Thomas plays it down and says men aren’t great at processing emotion. He probably just misses his family. Thomas thinks Liam’s an idiot but plans to respect him for Hope. She thinks there’s more to it and is very worried.

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At home, Bill berates Liam for almost confessing his role in Vinny’s death to Hope. If he hadn’t shown up… Liam can’t do this anymore and panics, but Bill again calls Vinny a rat — a dead rat — and he wasn’t worth sacrificing Liam over. They are going to take this to their grave! Liam snaps that his family is slipping through his fingers, there is going to be a giant hole where his soul used to be and screams, “I can’t go on like this!”

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Over at the Forrester mansion, Eric admits to Ridge that he and Quinn are having issues — especially in the bedroom. Eric brings up Quinn’s deception and can’t get past how she tried to destroy his son’s life. Ridge chalks up her actions to just Quinn being Quinn. Eric loves Quinn and their life together but their connection isn’t there anymore. “I pretend to go to sleep,” Eric confesses and isn’t sure they’ll ever get the intimacy back.

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Carter, in his underwear, finds Quinn still downstairs at his loft. She’s glad she stayed — look what she would’ve missed if she hadn’t! Quinn looks him up and down and can now understand why Zoe wants him back so badly. Carter puts his pants on and wonders if Quinn’s just going to stare at him. She credits him as a work of art, and can’t take her eyes off of Carter, but makes it clear she’s not hitting on him. They joke a bit more until Quinn brings up Eric and how he won’t make love to her anymore. Carter can’t imagine any man not finding her desirable and promises to keep their conversation between them.

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quinn has some plans for eric bb

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Later, Quinn finds Eric alone at the mansion, looking up at her portrait. They reflect on how good they were together, leaving Quinn to pinpoint their sex life. She doesn’t want to push him but hopes they can move to the next level and get closer. Eric informs Ridge was there and she wonders if they talked about her. Eric confirms it then brings up how she targeted Ridge’s marriage. He was so happy to start putting their marriage back together but… Quinn knows she screwed up and wants to make it up to him. “I love you, Eric,” she professes and reminds how the physical distance isn’t good. “I want to make love to you, tonight.”

Next on The Bold and the Beautiful, Hope confides in Thomas.

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