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At Forrester Creations, Thomas wonders how someone could live with themselves after mowing Vinny down like that. “Right, Liam?” Hope muses that someone out there has blood on their hands. When Liam doesn’t respond, she asks, “Liam, did you hear me?” Liam asks Thomas about Lt. Baker’s visit. Thomas relays he told him about the paternity test and promised he’d do whatever he could to help find the culprit. He’d like to look the guy in the eye before he goes away to rot in a jail cell. Liam gulps. Thomas marvels that the coward didn’t even call the paramedics. “It’s inhuman and justice should be served.” Liam agrees — whoever did this should pay. Hope asks to speak to Liam alone.
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After Thomas exits, Hope confronts Liam. “There is something more going on with you. I’m right, aren’t I?” She notes he canceled their lunch and now she can see he is not himself. Liam sighs, refers to something unthinkable happening, and confirms he’s definitely not himself. Hope suggests they get together for a board game and spend time with the kids. Liam winces; it’s not a good idea right now. Hope is stunned and asks, “What are you talking about?” He tries to leave, but she stops him. Hope can tell something is going on and reminds him they agreed no more secrets — he can tell her anything. “Liam, what’s wrong?!”
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At the Forrester mansion, Zoe informs Ridge and Eric that she wants her sister to be happy with Zende and that she plans to fight for Carter. She asks Ridge if he knows whether Carter is seeing anyone else yet. She would totally understand if he was after the way she treated him. She goes on that she’d give anything to go back and have their future together. Eric blurts, “It could still happen.” Ridge gives him a surprised look and says they want the best for Carter. He doesn’t believe Carter is seeing anyone right now. Zoe’s relieved to hear it. Before she leaves, she asks them to put in a good word for her with Carter.
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After Zoe’s gone, Ridge reflects that relationships are complicated and asks his father, “What’s going on with you and Quinn?” Eric confirms things are not what they used to be between him and his wife — especially in the bedroom.

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At the loft, Quinn recaps that Eric won’t make love to her any more. Carter tells her not to be embarrassed. He reminds her they’ve overcome obstacles before and he believes they’ll do it again. Quinn explains if feels different this time. Carter muses that they’ve just realized they have a lot in common. Talk turns to Zoe and Quinn assures him she’s over Zende and regrets throwing everything she had with Carter away over a silly flirtation. Carter chuckles at her understatment. Quinn wonders if it’s symptomatic of a deeper issue… much as with her and Eric. She feels he’s slowly slipping away from her. Quinn was hoping things would have fixed themselves, and she’s tried everything to reignite the spark between them, but they go to bed and Eric goes to sleep. She’s concerned he’s lost his desire for her completely after what she did to Brooke and Ridge. “What if my husband has fallen out of love for me?” She confides that they used to have a very active sex life, but now, not so much. Carter suggests she talk to him about it, but she’s worried about embarrassing him if the problem is that he can’t make love to her.

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Carter urges Quinn to communicate with Eric and deal with it together. She marvels at his advice as a sex therapist and croons, “Mr. Walton, is there no end to your talents?” She circles back to whether or not Carter will give Zoe a second chance. Carter hedges that Zoe is lucky to have a friend like her. He goes upstairs as Quinn takes a call from Zoe and says she’ll let herself out. Quinn tells her that her ex-fiance may be willing to give her another chance — they’ll talk later; right now she has to get home to Eric. Just then, Carter comes back downstairs in his underwear and is startled to see Quinn still there. She gawps, “Nice, um, everything.”

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