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At Forrester Creations, Deputy Chief Baker thinks Thomas must have been angry with Mr. Walker after he manipulated his sister. He says Vinny’s phone and wallet are missing… someone went to great lengths to cover up their involvement in his death. Thomas is stunned, “You think I killed Vinny?!” Baker’s just gathering information and relays that they haven’t been able to find his phone or wallet anywhere. Someone is covering their tracks. “Can you think of anyone who would want Vinny dead?” Thomas sighs. “Vinny was a drug dealer.” He reveals he was working at the hospital, which is where he was getting his drugs from. Thomas wants Baker to find the monster who killed Vinny, and wants him to pay severely for what he did.

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In Forrester’s design office, Carter informs Quinn that she’s not on the short list of people he discusses his love life with, and she thinks maybe that’s why he’s been so unlucky in love. Eric drops in and as he leaves, Quinn stops him — she was hoping they could talk. She wants to plan a romantic dinner, but Eric has an important conference call tonight. He exits, and Carter asks Quinn, “Is everything alright?” Quinn chirps, “Of course; we’re very busy people.” Carter still isn’t up for discussing Zoe and walks out. Once alone, Quinn looks sadly at a framed photo of her and Eric.
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In the studio, Paris is delighted to make peace with Zoe, who laments that she couldn’t get through to Carter, but is hoping Quinn can. Quinn enters and explains that Carter wouldn’t have a conversation with her and walked out, but if he’s worth fighting for they’ll find a way. Quinn leaves and Paris asks how Zoe got Quinn to help her. Zoe explains they’ve become friends and that Quinn knows what it’s like to fight for a second chance.
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At Bill’s place he finds Liam quivering on the sofa. Liam blurts, “He was here.” When he reveals he’s talking about Vinny, Bill grimaces. He tries to talk his son down, but Liam continues to believe it — he said they’re going to find him and he’s going to pay! Bill insists he pull himself together for the sake of the kids. Liam wails that Vinny just came out of nowhere, and Bill recaps that he got them out of there, otherwise Liam would be going to prison. “You have got to find it in you to put what happened that night with Vinny out of your mind forever.” Liam doesn’t understand how Bill can be so… Bill interrupts, “Cold?” He’s not cold, he’s practical; Vinny is cold.
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Liam and Bill keep arguing and Bill rails that Liam always wants to be Mr. Perfect, but he’s not perfect! Liam’s phone starts ringing — it’s Hope. Bill decides if Liam doesn’t answer she’ll get suspicious, so he does. Hope explains she was checking in since he seemed so rattled about Vinny’s death. She asks him to meet her at Forrester to talk about the kids, and maybe them. Liam agrees. After disconnecting, Liam asks, “What did I just do, Dad?” Bill urges him to go back to his life; no one will ever know. Liam feels the truth always comes out one way or another.

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At Carter’s loft, he’s dismayed to see Quinn at his door. “You came all the way here to talk to me about Zoe?!” Quinn insists he invite her in. As she looks around, Quinn muses, “It’s so nice of Ridge to let you keep… everything he owns.” She then gets to the crux of the matter and asks if he misses Zoe. Carter’s expression says he does. Quinn tells him she misses him too.

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In Forrester’s main office, Baker brings up the paternity test swap. Thomas explains that Liam had an affair with his sister and Vinny thought he was being loyal, though it was misguided. Hope enters and Thomas tells her the deputy chief is investigating Vinny’s death. After Baker leaves, Thomas muses that maybe he’s right and someone did kill Vinny on purpose. Hope assures him they’ll get the killer. Thomas got a strange vibe from Baker; like he already knows who did it and he just needs proof.

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Outside the office, Liam hides when he sees Baker. Once he’s gone, Liam approaches the office door, but Charlie’s voice says, “Hold it right there, Liam Spencer, I got you.” Liam raises his hands in surrender.

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