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In the cabin, Hope, on the phone with Liam, says he seems really upset about Vinny. Liam chokes out that it’s horrible. She goes on about some heartless person leaving him to die all alone.

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At Bill’s place, he sees Liam struggling on the call with Hope, grabs the phone, and tells her they’re in the middle of a business meeting. He disconnects, then shouts at Liam not to answer the freakin’ phone again until he has himself under control. “Pull yourself together!” he roars. Liam can’t believe he expects him never to tell Hope. Bill retorts, “Never.” Liam protests — he isn’t going to be able to do this; he’s going to be a panicked mess and Hope will see right through it. “I can’t live this way!” Bill reminds him the evidence is gone, but Liam counters that he’s not the world’s greatest criminal mastermind. Bill promises they won’t find one damn thing to lead back to him; he won’t let it happen. Bill urges Liam not to think about that scumbag Vinny again.
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In the design office, Zoe tells Quinn she’s hoping for a second chance with Carter. Just then, he walks in to get a file. She apologizes for betraying his trust and promises to do whatever it takes to make up for it. Quinn watches the exchange with curiosity. Carter appreciates that Zoe wants to grow, but it’s not something he can be a part of right now. After he exits, Quinn encourages, “He didn’t say never.” They debate whether he’d give her a second chance. Zoe laments taking his love for granted and feels so stupid. Quinn tells her to stop the pity party and think about what to do next. “How are you going to get Carter back?” Quinn offers to talk to him on her behalf. Zoe says that would mean so much to her.
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In Forrester Creations’ studio, Paris and Zende consider the idea that Zoe might finally accept them. They’re both surprised. Paris figures losing Carter was a huge eye-opener for her. “Maybe she doesn’t want to lose me too.” Zende wishes she’d realized how important her relationship with Paris was on her own. Carter enters and Paris makes a pitch on her sister’s behalf and asks if there’s any possibility he’d give her a second chance. Carter thinks she already proved how she feels about him when she went after Zende.
Paris talks about Zoe B&B

In the main office, Hope tells Thomas that Liam seemed strangely affected by the news of the hit and run. Thomas still can’t get over what happened to Vinny. Ridge enters and asks, “What did Vinny do now?” Thomas informs his father it’s not what he did, it’s what was done to him. “Vinny’s dead, dad. Vinny’s dead.” Hope explains Thomas identified the body. Ridge knows that couldn’t have been easy. He feels Vinny should have gone to jail for what he did, but he shouldn’t be gone. Ridge wants to cancel the publicity meeting but Thomas urges them to go ahead; he’ll stay there and sketch.
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Once alone, Thomas is surprised to see Lt. Baker, who is now deputy chief. He heard about Vincent Walker and needs to ask some questions. He wants to determine if there was a motive involved; if his friend was run over on purpose. Baker muses that Vinny switching the paternity test on his sister must have felt like a betrayal. Thomas is floored; “You think I had something to do with Vinny’s death?!”
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In the studio, Zoe tells Paris that she plans to convince Carter they can still have a future together.

In the design office, Quinn finds Carter sitting at the desk and asks if they can talk about Zoe.

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At Bill’s place, he takes Liam’s phone with him as he leaves the room to do a conference call. Liam lays down and flashes to Vinny on the side of the road. Just then, he hears a voice and Vinny materializes in the corner. He berates Liam for leaving him on the side of the road, bleeding and alone, to die. Liam cowers, cringes and whines as Vinny yells and vows, “You will pay!”
Liam unhinged B&B

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