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At the cabin, Thomas can’t get over Vinny’s death. They went to Little League together and now he’s just had to identify his body. Someone killed him and just left him there to die! “He’s dead because of some heartless monster.” Thomas laments that Vinny’s parents will be devastated and his girlfriend will be heartbroken. Hope shakes her head; what kind of person does that and just leaves a person there?
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Thomas wonders if the driver was maybe drunk, but Hope asks if Thomas thinks it’s possible it wasn’t an accident and the person who killed Vinny knew him. Hope theorizes that he could have owed someone money or was running from a drug dealer. She’s certain the police will investigate every option, but it’s not impossible that someone wanted Vinny dead. Thomas sighs; he needs to tell his dad, who had a soft spot for Vinny. Hope supposes she should call Liam. They agree Vinny didn’t deserve to die. Thomas recalls how Vinny helped his grandmother on Sundays and volunteered at an animal shelter — he can’t imagine someone wanting to kill his old friend.

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At Bill’s place, Liam rants at his father for lying to Wyatt. Bill hollers that they’re in this now and he’s going to need to pull himself together. Liam scoffs that he killed a guy… yeah he’ll just pull himself together! They rehash it all again as Liam argues they should have stayed on the scene and Bill reminds him he has a history with Vinny and would go to prison. Liam tells him Hope will know something is wrong. Bill warns he can’t tell Hope or anyone. “There’s no turning back!” Liam fumes that he could have handled this his way and they would have believed him. Bill sneers and debates the point as he paints a picture of Liam sitting in a jail cell separated from everyone he loves.
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Bill hollers that there’s only so much he can do if Liam’s going to allow himself to be consumed by guilt. Bill yells and screams as Liam tells him he’s unable to promise to keep quiet. Suddenly, Liam’s phone rings — it’s Hope. Liam grimaces and cringes silently as she tells him she just came from the hospital morgue, where she accompanied Thomas. Someone killed his friend Vinny in a hit-and-run; they just drove away and left him! Liam struggles to stay composed and says he’s so sorry. Hope thinks he sounds strange and grows increasingly concerned since he canceled their lunch earlier. Bill shoots Liam a warning looks as she asks, “Are you sure everything’s alright?”
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In Forrester’s main office, Zoe updates Quinn on Paris’ aborted date with Zende, but relays that it didn’t bother him. Zoe feels icky about the whole thing and thinks she should have been honest with Paris. Just then, Paris appears. She heard her name and asks what’s going on. Flo interrupts — she’s going on a smoothie run. Paris has sworn off of them. She shares with the group that Zende wants a rain-check on their date. Flo thinks they make an adorable couple. Zoe surprises Paris by agreeing with Flo. After Flo and Paris exit, Zoe tells Quinn she wants her sister to be happy… and she wants to be happy too.  Zoe really misses Carter and wants him back. She just hopes it’s not too late.
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In the design office, Carter and Zende don their shirts after a workout. Zende apologizes for what went down with Zoe. It wasn’t cool. He urges Carter to give Zoe another chance and let her prove herself to him.
Carter dressing B&B

Later, Paris meets with Zende, who notices that her tummy has settled and assures her he still wants to be with her. She updates him that they may have a new supporter — her sister!

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