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At Bill’s place, Liam can’t go on with his life as though last night never happened. Bill bellows that it was an accident! Liam wishes he hadn’t passed out; he wouldn’t have let them leave the scene. Bill harps that Liam can’t tell the truth this time. He reminds is son there’s nothing tying him to Vinny’s death — they haven’t even identified the body yet. Bill is ordering Liam to put it out of his mind when Wyatt walks in. “What is going on? And what does he have to put out of his mind?”

Bill reads Wyatt the riot act for not knocking. Wyatt still wants to know what’s going on and addresses his brother, who hasn’t said anything. Liam hesitates, then replies, “Nothing.” Bill tells Wyatt everything’s fine, but he’s not buying it. “Are you sick?” Liam says he’s nauseous. Wyatt accepts that, but it doesn’t explain the tension when he came in. Bill concedes, “Fine. You want to know what’s going on and won’t let this go. I’ll tell you.” Liam throws him a stunned look. Bill explains Liam is upset because he’s separated from Hope and his children; he’s suffering and in torment over what he did. Wyatt should have realized and assures his brother he’s a good person. Liam sniffs, “I’m really not, Wyatt.” Wyatt protests; “You would never deliberately hurt anyone.” Bill agrees — he has to let it go.

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At the morgue, Finn is sorry to have to ask Thomas to identify Vinny’s body. Thomas, emotional, whispers, “He’s dead. Vinny’s dead.” He gives his name — Vincent Walker — to the coroner and asks, “How did this happen?” As Hope looks on, Finn tells Thomas again how sorry he is, and she echoes the sentiment. Thomas cries that Vinny was his best friend until recently. He was furious when he changed the paternity test and blocked his number. Thomas sobs that he should have been more like Hope and showed him some compassion. As he beats himself up, Hope pleads, “Don’t.”

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Thomas asks Finn what he knows. Finn believes the police are getting involved and breaks the news that Vinny was killed by a hit-and-run in Bel Air. Thomas is floored. Finn apologizes again; he realizes it’s shocking. Thomas rants that Vinny may have deserved consequences but he didn’t deserve this; to be left on the side of the road. He’s upset that he wasn’t there for him so they could have had one last conversation. Thomas isn’t trying to defend his actions, and admits he was rough around the edges, but he was a good person at heart and could have picked up the pieces. “Now he’s gone because of some bastard,” he fumes. “Some animal ran him over at the side of the road and didn’t even stop to try and help.” Thomas vows the cops had better find whoever did this to his friend, or he will find them himself.

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At Forrester Creations, Katie and Flo discuss how well-received Hope’s line appears to be. Brooke talks about welcoming Flo to the family; it’s been good for everyone.

Brooke remarks that she’s been encouraging Hope to find forgiveness for Liam too. She’s relieved the baby wasn’t his; her daughter likely wouldn’t have gotten past that. Katie thinks Steffy and Finn seem very much in love. That’s what Brooke want’s for Hope. Katie can’t help but wonder if Brooke is so invested in Hope and Liam reconciling because she’s worried about Thomas. Brooke concedes her feelings about Ridge’s son are complicated. She can’t forgive him for keeping Beth from Hope and manipulating his son; obsessions like that don’t end easily. Katie and Flo haven’t seen anything concerning from him. Brooke just gets an odd feeling when he’s around Hope.

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