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At Bill’s place, Liam agonizes and rants at his father about throwing him in his car after he killed Vinny. He wails, “Do you know what you did?!” Bill knows exactly what he did — he protected his son. Liam hollers that they have to call the police; he needs to tell them what he did. Bill, apoplectic, roars that they’ll never believe it was an accident! He orders Liam to go upstairs and shower; Vinny’s DNA could be all over them. Liam insists he needs to go to the police. Bill screams at him about the consequences for his family and bellows that they’re in this — all the way in — together. “Now get upstairs and shower!”
Bill orders Liam to shower B&B

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After the shower, Liam starts protesting again as Bill bags up their clothes and calls them ‘evidence’. Bill goes over the reasons not to call the authorities, but Liam feels he should get to make the call. Bill knows it was unintentional but no one else is going to buy it he took him away from there to save him from a life behind bars. Liam doesn’t know what’s going through his mind, but he’s screwed up! Bill is protecting his son, he can’t lose him. Liam shakes his head.
Liam agonizes B&B

As they pace around, Bill notes there’s been no news on Vinny’s death yet. He tells Liam that they won’t be able to identify the body right away — he took his wallet and phone. He mutters, “I still have to get rid of the car.” Liam can’t believe this; he made it even worse! He can’t live with it and can’t keep it hidden either. Bill intones, “You can’t tell a soul.” He will bury this and make it disappear. “Whatever I have to do, I will do.” Liam agonizes. Bill repeats they are in this now and there is no looking back.

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At the cabin, Thomas has returned Douglas to Hope. She asks if they had a good time at the movies. Thomas confirms they did and asks if she got his text about Vinny getting out on bail. Hope did, and hopes he won’t be causing any more trouble. Thomas is sorry he brought Vinny into their lives and reports that he’s blocked him from his phone and his life. “For all intents and purposes, Vinny’s dead to me.”

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Talk turns to Liam’s visit. Hope explains it was good and that she feels comforted knowing he will always be there for her and the kids. Thomas wonders if she’s forgiven Liam. Hope’s not there yet, but reports they’re going to have lunch together tomorrow. Thomas feels she’ll know what’s right in her gut and urges her to trust that. Hope thanks Thomas for being so considerate and not trying to take advantage of the situation. Thomas isn’t that guy anymore. He’ll fully accept it if she wants Liam, but will always be there for her.
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In Forrester’s design office, Zoe and Quinn debate whether she should feel guilty about spiking Paris’s drink. Just then, Paris enters. Zoe muses, “Back so soon?” and asks how her date went. Her sister laments that Zende had a beautiful night set up and she ruined it. She thinks she got some kind of stomach bug. “Why is this happening to me?” Quinn cringes and smirks in Zoe’s direction.
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After Paris has left, Zoe worries that she should go after her, but Quinn assures her she’ll be fine. Zoe can’t help but feel bad. Quinn reminds her Paris deserved a little payback and quips, “Text me if anything explosive happens,” as she exits. Soon, Paris returns. She tells Zoe her stomach still hasn’t settled. Her sister asks what Zende had planned. Paris describes how he planned the evening around her name and laments how Zende tried to laugh off her rumbling noises but it was beyond humiliating. They might even have taken their relationship to the next step. She suspects he won’t want to see her again. Zoe’s sorry. Suddenly, Paris gets a text from Zende with hearts. She guesses it wasn’t so bad after all. Zoe sighs.
Paris upset B&B

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