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In the cabin, Hope tells Liam she didn’t expect the kiss to happen. He didn’t either but is glad it did. Hope reminds him that it doesn’t mean everything’s okay. Liam argues it does mean they want the same thing. There’s nothing in the universe stronger than their love. Liam checks on Beth, then rejoins Hope to talk about how he misses the kids’ noises and misses being there; all of them together. Hope misses it too. Liam marvels that they’re still at odds and Vinny’s already out on bail. “I think I hate him. He treated our lives like a game.” He advises Hope to keep her guard up in case he comes around looking for Thomas. Hope doubts he’ll approach anyone; Thomas wants nothing to do with him and Steffy and Finn are happy since everything worked out for them. Liam wishes it would work out for them too.
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In Forrester’s design office, Zoe flashes to spiking her sister’s drink with Eric’s stomach tonic as Quinn re-enters. She figures Zoe added a little something to Paris’ drink. Zoe quips it was just a little something to help her stomach her evening with Zende. They titter over the idea that it will definitely be a night that Zende and Paris will never forget. Turning serious, Zoe doesn’t want anything terrible to happen. Quinn assures her it’s just loud stomach sounds. Zoe muses maybe it’s time Paris realizes she’s not so perfect after all.
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At the Forrester mansion, Zende has a romantic scene set and it’s just the first of the surprises he has in store for her tonight. He teases that they should see where the night takes them and reminds her his family has a private jet. Paris sips her drink and muses about how good he makes her feel. Zende pays her compliments and enthuses that he’s never met anyone like her. Talk turns to Zoe. Zende feels the two of them will patch things up. Paris will reach out and hopes her sister will come around to supporting her at Forrester… and her relationship with him. Zende lets her know he’s okay with her calling it that.

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At Brooke’s place, Bill pours himself a drink and wonders how they can talk like this but their kids can’t. Brooke thinks Hope just needs time. Bill knows Liam will make every effort to save the marriage. They go over the betrayal and Brooke sighs. She just wishes there was something they could do to help. Brooke reminds Bill he wasn’t always in Hope and Liam’s corner. Bill sees how miserable his son is without her. Brooke says Hope is too, but Bill of all people should understand why she’s reluctant to take him back. Bill believes Hope is the only woman for Liam and will do whatever it takes to secure his son’s future.
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In the cabin, Liam relays that his father’s at the main house and is ready to leave. Just then, Bill enters, with Brooke behind him, and tells Hope how much his son loves her. He counsels that the longer the rift goes on, the harder it will be to repair. Liam and Bill exit.
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Once they’re alone, Hope confirms to Brooke that she and Liam were getting along. Brooke saw the way she looked at him; she’s still very much in love with him. Hope admits that after today, getting back together doesn’t seem entirely impossible. “We kissed.” Brooke’s so happy for her; and sees a bright, amazing future for her and Liam.

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Outside, Bill tells Liam he gets to drive the car home because Bill drank some tequila. Liam’s thrilled and gets behind the wheel. Once they’re driving, Bill orders Liam to quit smiling and keep his eyes on the road. Liam’s chattering away hopefully about his marriage and Bill’s delighted, when suddenly Liam hits the brakes and squeals to a stop. Realizing he hit something, Liam sputters, “Dad… ” They exit the car and make their way to the front where there’s a body on the road… it’s Vinny. (Doesn’t seem like a “murder mystery” to us, but it could still turn into one — if the show goes this route.)

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