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In the Forrester design office, Ridge tells Hope he knows Thomas went down a dark path, but hopes she sees he’s changed and his feelings for her are genuine. Hope wonders if he’s trying to encourage something between her and Thomas when she’s still married to Liam. Ridge is just saying Thomas wants her to find happiness. He told her the truth about the paternity test, which needs to be acknowledged. He wishes Brooke could cut him some slack.
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At Forrester Creations, Thomas asks Brooke why she’s saying these things and insists she doesn’t have to be concerned. Brooke wishes that were true. As Hope’s mother she can’t trust that he’s being honest. She believes he’s still obsessed with Hope. Thomas argues if that were true he’d have hidden the truth about the paternity test results. He reminds Brooke she helped raise him. She needs to get past the pain and heal the family. Ridge interrupts, “I agree.” He thinks if Brooke really listens to Thomas, maybe she’ll believe him. Brooke insists she’s been trying to get along with Thomas, but Thomas points out she still refuses to believe his intentions where Hope’s concerned. Brooke concedes he’s made strides but it’s a long way to the finish line.

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Brooke isn’t comfortable when Thomas talks about Hope and thinks Ridge shouldn’t be either. “Thomas should keep his distance,” Brooke explains, since Hope and Liam are going to reunite. Ridge exclaims that Thomas has changed — why is this so hard for her to understand? She exits and Thomas tells Ridge that his wife will never trust him around Hope. Ridge is frustrated that she won’t listen to him, but she’s trying to protect her child. Thomas feels she’s trying to drive a wedge between him and his father — it goes back to when they were kids. Brooke would always try to make Ridge choose between her and his family and nothing’s changed.

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Flo walks into the design office and stops short when she sees Hope. She knows it’s uncomfortable for her to see her there. She offers to avoid her. Hope wouldn’t ask her to give up her job; she’s a Logan after all, but it’s a lot to process. Flo tells her how much it means to her to be part of the family but says it would mean even more if Hope could forgive her.
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Hope gawps, “Forgive you?” Flo knows it’s probably too much to ask… Hope interrupts, “But you’ll ask anyway.” Flo will never forgive herself for the pain she caused and expresses her regret. But she wants Hope to know the real her now that she’s engaged to Wyatt and is getting to know her aunts. She’d love to know her cousin too. Flo points out Hope’s accepted Zoe and Thomas.
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Later, Thomas joins Hope and they discuss his designs. She’s impressed with his work. Talk turns to Brooke and Hope asks what she’s been saying. Thomas admits she still thinks he has ulterior motives and can’t accept that he’s changed. She told him he’ll never have Hope and accused him of still being obsessed. Thomas can’t understand why it’s wrong for her to want Hope to be happy. He respects what she wants where Liam’s concerned and will always be there for her whatever she needs. “My commitment to you, and yes, my love for you, will never waver.”
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At Spencer Publications, Wyatt listens as Liam, on the phone, waffles over what to say on the card with Hope’s flowers. After he disconnects, Wyatt informs Liam there’s only one way to win her over — by winning her trust back. Liam doesn’t know how to do that; he’s said all the words and made promises. Wyatt warns he’d better figure it out because Thomas will use this separation to get closer to Hope. Liam explains this can’t be about Thomas or he’ll use. He has to prove to Hope they can still have the future they want. Brooke enters and says, “Hear hear.”
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Wyatt thanks Brooke for welcoming Flo into the family, reminds Liam not to let his guard down, then exits. Brooke tells Liam that’s why she came — she’s worried about Thomas and he should be too! Liam points out he’s not actually doing anything right now but Brooke argues they’re working together and co-parenting. She’s convinced he’s completely obsessed and urges Liam, “You’ve got to do something to fix your marriage. Otherwise he’s going to make sure you never get back together.” Liam is concerned but he can’t be worrying about that right now. Brooke exclaims, “You have to!” Liam has to give Hope space. Brooke disagrees, “You can’t give him the advantage.” She told Thomas he would never be with Hope and now she needs Liam to do something about it. “Take action now!”
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