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In the design office, Thomas and Hope gush over Douglas’ drawing. The boy wonders why Liam’s not around and why he sent flowers. “Where is he?” Thomas jumps in to say he’s probably been busy; he has an important job. Douglas complains he always used to spend time with him and Beth. Hope explains he’s staying with his dad right now. Thomas tries to stop the line of questioning, but Hope insists on telling the boy that she and Liam have decided to spend some time apart.
Douglas tough conversation B&B

Douglas asks, “If Liam has moved out, does that mean daddy can move in?” Hope tells him she and Liam are still married. Douglas deduces that she and Liam are taking a time out, but he still wishes his daddy could be with them more. He likes the idea of all of them living together. Hope gets a message that Donna’s ready to take Douglas to the park, so the boy heads out, though he notes him mommy looks sad before leaving. Thomas walks him out.

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In Forrester Creations’ main office, Ridge tells Brooke it’s really cool that she gave Flo the Logan name. Brooke goes over how Katie convinced her it’s what Storm would want. Ridge notes she still hasn’t told Hope. Brooke will, but she’s going through a lot right now. “It really hurts me that Hope and Liam are separated.” Ridge thinks maybe she finally reached her limit with him. Brooke believes hard times can bring a couple closer together. They love each other and have kids so Hope should keep fighting.
Ridge, Brooke office talk B&B

Brooke believes Hope and Liam will work through this; they are each other’s destiny. Ridge feels it’s good Liam’s not at the house; the kids would pick up on the tension. Brooke just doesn’t want Thomas to use this separation as an excuse to move in on Hope. Ridge frowns. Brooke knows it stings to hear, but Thomas has no impulse control despite insisting he’s changed. Ridge debates the point; if that were true they’d see it. He feels Thomas has worked so hard to get better and she doesn’t want to see it! Brooke insists she does want to see that he’s changed. Ridge snaps, “But you don’t.” Brooke concedes she doesn’t; not around her daughter.

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In the design office, Hope looks at photos of the kids and happier times with Liam. Thomas enters and she explains Liam keeps messaging her with memories. Thomas says Douglas was right that she looks sad. He apologizes for his son’s questions and assures her he didn’t tell him to do that. “I really have changed and I guess I just hope you believe me.” Hope believes him. He’s relieved. Hope clarifies that she doesn’t mind Douglas’ questions and they have a bit of a laugh over him asking if Thomas could move in. They go over Hope being blindsided by Liam’s actions. She can’t forget and can’t figure out how to move forward past his betrayal.

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Thomas hates seeing Hope in pain and regrets his role in all of this. Hope points out Liam was still in love with Steffy; he’s not to blame. Thomas just wants her happiness — if that’s Liam then he wants that too. If she’s had enough, he’s behind her. Hope just needs time alone to figure this out. Thomas is there, whatever she needs. Hope gets a call so Thomas exits.
Thomas steps up B&B

After leaving the design office, Thomas approaches the main office. Inside, Brooke and Ridge bicker about Thomas not being able to turn off his love for her daughter. Ridge wants her to give his son the benefit of the doubt. Brooke applauds the changes he made in his life but doesn’t want Hope caught in the crossfire. Ridge argues that he’s made incredible strides. Brooke’s proud of him for that — she just wants him to stay away from her daughter. His feelings are unhealthy; an obsession. It’s dangerous. Ridge fumes. Brooke reminds him of the pain Thomas put Hope through. She levels, “If your son thinks he can have a future with my daughter, that damn well… That will never happen!”
Brooke, Ridge debate B&B

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