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At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Katie that Storm would have loved seeing his daughter so happy. Ridge enters and overhears then talking about asking Flo to take their last name and gawps, “You did what?” They fill him in and he’s surprised. He asks Brooke if everything that happened with Beth has just been forgiven. Brooke concedes it took her some time to come around. Ridge asks if Hope knows yet — she may have issues. Brooke explains she is focused on her marriage right now, but she’s glad they gave Flo a connection to the father she was never able to know.
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Later, Ridge tells Brooke he’s impressed with her taking such steps with Flo. He marvels at her ability to find forgiveness. Brooke’s not sure she’s there yet with Flo. Still, Ridge recalls how she’s always able to get there; she did it with him. Brooke will always love him. She wants the same for Hope and Liam but she has to let them figure it out.

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At Spencer Publications, Flo can’t stop thinking about her ring and gushes about her amazing day. Wyatt reveals he’d planned to propose to her at home, but she came in there so excited and gorgeous and he couldn’t wait another minute. Flo realizes he’s been planning this for a while and is surprised his mom kept the secret. Wyatt yelps that he didn’t tell her; she’d have spoiled it. He explains he had to find a ring as beautiful as the woman wearing it. Flo thinks this all feels like a dream. She’s so excited about the future — none of it would have happened without Wyatt. She’s so lucky. Wyatt returns the sentiment. He wonders if she wants to lock the office door and celebrate, but she wants to visit their moms first.
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At the Forrester mansion, Quinn tells Eric she’s expecting someone important. Shauna arrives and asks why she was invited. “What’s going on, “Quinn?” Eric wants to know as well. Quinn needs to know that she and Shauna have move past her accusations; she misses their friendship and connection. Shauna wasn’t staying away to punish her; she was giving her and Eric time to regroup. Their friendship is fine; they’re like family. Eric leaves them to talk and Shauna fills Quinn in on Flo becoming a Logan. Quinn learns Shauna is happy about it, and then the conversation swerves to Flo and Wyatt.
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Quinn assumes Flo and Wyatt have also needed a break from her; she’s trying to stay out of her son’s personal life. Just then, Flo and Wyatt enter. Quinn explains Shauna just told her Flo’s good news about becoming a Logan. Wyatt warns her to be nice, and wonders if they were also discussing their love life. Shauna and Quinn admit they might have touched on it. Wyatt declares his love for Flo was never just a crush and reveals that although Flo just became a Logan, she won’t be one for long. Quinn and Shauna realize he proposed as Flo holds up the ring. Over the moon, they excitedly begin planning everything… including babies.
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